6 Year-old Boy Writes A Book Called “Chocolate Bar”

If you haven't heard about "Chocolate Bar", the book, now is the time because the story itself is "chocolate bar", the expression.  Got that?  Read on (and watch video below) to learn more.

For a first grader, Dylan Siegel has gone quite far just to help a friend. Dylan is a 6 year old from Los Angeles who wrote a book entitled “Chocolate Bar” in hopes of raising funds for research purposes. He wants to help his best bud, Jonah Pournazarian, who is diagnosed with an extremely rare liver disease known as glycogen storage disease type 1B. Unfortunately, this disease has no cure.

Whole Foods donated real chocolate bars so Dylan can sell them on top of the book. The sales generated have gone beyond the initial target of $30,000,  and the goal has been increased.  

"Chocolate Bar" is Dylan’s version of saying "awesome," and it pretty much depicts everything that has happened since he wrote the book.

"As far as a 6-year-old can process it, it's pretty exciting to him, seeing himself on TV," his mom in an interview with the Huffington Post. "[But] we're not making that big a deal of it at home."

Initially, Dylan’s parents wanted to influence the method of fund-raising a little bit and were leaning towards traditional paths  like bake sales, but Dylan stood his ground. He came up with the first handwritten and illustrated pages within an hour. His parents deemed it worthy.

His mom, Debra, is a professional organizer, while his dad, David Siegel, is a marketing executive for Disney. They assumed that the book “would strike a chord.” They have been getting a remarkable response, but it doesn’t stop there. A disease that doesn’t usually grab so much attention now has the spotlight on it.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Jonah go on with their best-friendship. Jonah has a monitor at school to measure his blood sugar, considering the disease prevents the metabolism of food.

The Chocolate Bar Facebook page states that Dylan has extended his aim of raising funds up to $1 million to push the research a little bit harder. You can get the book or donate to the cause on the Chocolate Bar website.  Dylan sums up the experience on the site with the words, "Helping my friend is the biggest chocolate bar."

Faith in humanity: restored.

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