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avatarShots, Shots, Shots, Truffle Shots, Everybody!

By Joanna Maligaya on February 1, 2013 | Comments (0)

When Sherri Athay was in a chocolate-making class, she remembered intricately making chocolate truffles only to discard the shell and eat the centers.

“I thought there must be a better way to get to the best part of the truffle, without all that work,” she said. It was a light bulb moment after seeing a set of tall shot glasses while shopping with her daughter. Truffle shots!

After some years, they made the idea tangible. They came up with unique confections from a storefront in Essex, Connecticut, and worldwide from their website. Truffle Shots display what Sherri Athay considered as “good stuff” in a truffle, layered in a two-ounce shot glass.

Fresh ingredients make every shot of ganache taste awesome, namely high-quality chocolate, butter, cream and natural flavorings. Don’t mistake them for tequila shots, they’re non-alcoholic and semi-solid. Also, instead of downing it, you eat it with a spoon.

Truffle Shots have an array of interesting flavors, such as the classic, rich dark chocolate ganache, burnt caramel, chipotle cinnamon, bourbon vanilla, raspberry, mint, bergamot, buttered rum, as well as sour cherry. The “fig balsamico” is one of the bestsellers, Athay claimed, as well as the “Flowers of Sicily,” a unique combination of citrus-and-floral-infused white chocolate filling and dark chocolate.

You can buy them as single items, doubles, four-packs and larger custom orders, at $7.50 each for basic formulas and $9.50 for more complex and intricate recipes. Doubles are $15 to $19; four-packs are $30 to $38. They even have a “shot of the month” club, shipped for 3, 6, or 12 months. Truffle Shots can come with personalized greeting cards if you want to give them as a gift, whatever the occasion may be.

Since the ingredients of Truffle Shots are perishable, they will be delivered within 8 to 24 after they’re made. Also, it is advised to eat them as soon as you get them. However, it will last longer if refrigerated or frozen.

“Sometimes I feel like an ‘accidental chocolatier,’” Sherri Athay said. “I just sort of stumbled into this. I thought, ‘It’s too good of an idea not to develop this.’”

For more information on Truffle Shots, visit their websites at

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