chocolate pairings

The Chocolate Studio at Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival

I recently took a business trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. Yes, that’s correct, it was business – chocolate eating business! My S.M.A.R.T goal: I will eat at least one chocolate item per day in as many Disney parks or Orlando attractions as I can fit into my four day trip, take notes and write a blog post for each item before Christmas!

So hang on, this will be a fun ride you’ll enjoy as much as I do. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll review what I found and tasted while at Disney World and at Orlando’s World of Chocolate Museum and Café.

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10 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Chocolate and Fruit

There are many types and varieties of chocolate you can find in the market. You can find sweet milk chocolate almost everywhere. But aside from the famous chocolate bar you commonly see, chocolate also comes in many other forms.

For example, it can come in a powder, as well as nibs, syrups, solids, and butter. These other forms are often used as ingredients in your other favorite desserts, such as cake.

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Wine and Chocolate 101: Pairing Advice

Chocolate is a treat that many people desire and love to indulge in. It goes with many things, including wine, but needs to be paired accordingly for the best flavours to really come from the combination.

If you’re a wine and chocolate lover but you’ve never really experimented with both together, this expert guide will give you the best pairing advice for both wine and chocolate so you can gain a better tasting experience.

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Chocolate Vodka with Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry Creams

I recently made chocolate vodka, infusing it with cacao nibs (unsweetened, cracked and roasted pieces from the cocoa bean).

The chocolate impact was fantastic. The chocolatey flavor was authentic and bold since there was no added sugar to distract from the natural nuances of the cocoa notes.

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VEO Cabernet Sauvignon with Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry Creams

Friends are coming over. The chocolate is plated, and the wine is breathing. It’s going to be a wonderful evening.

Tonight’s plan for chocolate and wine pairings starting with one of my favorite combinations; dark chocolate covered raspberry creams with a soft cabernet!

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Divine, Cheese, and Wine!

A friend of mine, Amanda, recently moved into new a home. “I’ll bring the wine and cheese”, says my friend Kathy. “I’ll bring the chocolate”, I say, “Why don’t we pair the chocolate with the wine and see what happens?”

They agreed to the plan, but confessed to not having much experience consuming the two at the same time. However, being lovers of both chocolate and wine, they couldn’t see a downside. This would be an opportunity to eat, drink wine, and experiment – a few of our favorite activities!

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Beer and Chocolate Pairings

Beer and Chocolate Pairings? What - you may ask? Yes, I am telling you that beer and chocolate can make a great pairing duo. This is not a conclusion I came easily to, but after a few samples and hits of the flavor wheel, I was convinced. Craft beer and chocolate can make great companions!

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The Versatility of Chocolate

I’ve been eating a different chocolate each day for more than eight years. I love the unadulterated flavor notes in a well-made single origin chocolate bar. However, I’ve also come to admire the amazing versatility of cacao after blending different chocolates with fruits, nuts, spices, beverages and savory items over time.

What makes good flavor blends in food? Fresh ingredients, and a skillful mix of the five basic tastes--salty, sweet, bitter, sour, umami (meaty, savory)--are two considerations. And these do apply to chocolate as well.

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BitterSweet: Beer+Chocolate

As you may have read in the earlier blog posts, one of the things that makes a chocolate and beer tasting great is the fact that it is unusual, yet it works!  Even people who say they don’t like beer, often do like chocolate so everyone can enjoy the event.

Last week’s Craft:Beer+Food event was a huge hit, the pairings were sublime. If you weren’t able to attend, fret not, as a sequel to this delightful affair is anticipated. After Craft:Beer+Food comes the next big thing, BitterSweet:Beer+Chocolate. It is a non-profit happening that enables local breweries to showcase their beers along with the remarkable chocolates of Seattle’s own Theo Chocolate.
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Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Although wine is pleasurable all its own, most people pair it with an array of different foods as it magnifies the tastes of those food. But did you know that wine and chocolate make a good pair? When the combination is created correctly, it gives a divine blast of taste in the mouth.

First and foremost, you need to make an appropriate choice of chocolate. Grabbing any chocolate bar available won't be enough as they don't hold distinctive flavors. Gourmet chocolates are your best bet, be it dark, white, or milk chocolate.

With regard to the wine you’ll be pairing the chocolate with, you need to find one that is at least as sweet as the chocolate, maybe even slightly sweeter. One of the main rules in pairing them is that the distance between wine and chocolate sweetness should always be short because if the wine isn't sweet enough, the sour notes of wine will make it appear hollow, which makes it a horrible combination.
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