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Q&A: Definition of Raw Chocolate?

Here's a question I recently received from a reader, "The marketing trend in Australia is RAW chocolate. Does CUO have a definition for RAW Chocolate?"


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Q&A: What’s the Purpose of Salt in Making Chocolate Bars?

Here's a question I recently received from a reader, "What's the Purpose of Salt in Making Chocolate Bars?"


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Q&A: Can I Use Cooking Oil and Cocoa Powder to Make Chocolate?

Here's a question I recently received from a reader, "Can I use any cooking oil as a substitute for making chocolate bars from cocoa powder?"


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Cocoa Powder for Dipping

I received an interesting question the other day from someone on my mailing list. 

(If you're reading this, but not on my list, go ahead and get my free ebook, then I will also send you more chocolate information and you'll have a chance to ask me a question too.)

Anyway, here is the question posed:

"Can you use cocoa powder to make a chocolate for dipping strawberries (that hardens nicely)?  If so do you know a recipe for it?"

Well, here is my answer... 

I know there are many recipes out there that use cocoa powder to make dipping sauces, syrups, frostings, icings and glazes.  Any of these could be used with your strawberries.  I'm sure they will taste great, but they will remain liquid or unhardened.
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Chocolate and Cocoa Substitutes

Have you ever discovered you were out of an ingredient?  Of course that always seems to happen right in the middle of making something!

When the recipe calls for chocolate, cocoa powder, or unsweetened baking chocolate, using the correct substitution can mean your crisis is avoided.  And no emergency trip to the grocery store!
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Chocolate in the Freezer?

A question I hear somewhat frequently is, "Should I store chocolate in the freezer?"

A friend once told me that the best place to store chocolate is in your mouth.  🙂

Now for a more serious answer, the best place to store chocolate is in an odor-free, air-tight container surrounded by a 65 to 68 F air temperature with no more than 50% relative humidity.  How’s that for precise?
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Fact or Fiction: Chocolate as Aphrodisiac

Is chocolate an aphrodisiac?  Everything I’ve read about cacao says that chocolate as an aphrodisiac is a myth.

Well, not everything I read says that, just the scientific stuff...
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High Flavonol Chocolate

Here's a question that was posed to me recently...

What is the difference between store bought chocolate and the high flavonol chocolate found in all those scientific studies?

The simple answer to this question is found in the question itself.  Store bought chocolate typically has lower quantities of flavonol substances.  OK, that's a weak answer.  Here is some explanation...
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Allergic to Chocolate?

Is there such a thing as a chocolate allergy?

An allergy to cacao is possible but rare. It would be more likely that someone has an allergy to one of the ingredients in chocolate or experiences a food intolerance, which is not really an allergy at all.

Only 1 – 2% of American adults and 5 – 8% of children have a true, immunological food allergy. Among those, 90% are allergic to the “big 8”; milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, or shellfish.
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Thinning Out Candy Coating

You have some choices when it comes to molding and dipping using chocolate coatings.

There are chocolate-flavored confectionery coatings and there are what is commonly referred to as “real” chocolate coating or “pure” chocolate coatings.

The main difference between these two types of coating is the fat system.  Confectionery coatings are made with vegetable fats and oils like palm kernel, soybean, or a blend of similar kinds.  Chocolate coating is made with cocoa butter.  These coatings behave very differently because of the type of fat in them.
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