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Lakefront Brewery Double Chocolate Stout

Everything I’ve read about the craft beer boom in Milwaukee intrigues me. I’ve lived in the area since graduating from college. At that time, all I knew (and everyone else in the United States) was Milwaukee meant Miller. Boy have things changed! Craft breweries have been popping up fast over the past couple of years.

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Giving Thanks

By the time American Pilgrims celebrated their first Thanksgiving, cacao was largely unknown outside of Meso-America.  The unfortunate side-effect of this timing is that chocolate would not have been present at that original Thanksgiving dinner.  thanksgiving meal - no chocolateTherefore, it's not part of the American traditional Thanksgiving meal. 🙁

Well, I guess it doesn't really matter.  In the grand scheme, today is a day to stop and give thanks for the many blessings we have received.  Chocolate is still one of those blessings.  And so are you! 
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Chocolate Beer

Detroit’s darling candy maker, Sanders Candy, has been around for 136 years already. They are known for their delectable treats namely chocolates, cakes, ice cream, among others. Now, they have ventured into adult treats and partnered with another Detroit classic, Detroit Brewing Co., to come up with a refreshingly unique beer, Sanders Chocolate Stout.

Sanders is reportedly arranging for a huge introduction of this 1-year-old Chocolate Stout into the market later this month and is also planning to make a chocolate-based dessert wine.

"Craft beers are becoming more popular as consumers look for local, authentic, handcrafted foods and beverages with passionate food artisans and entrepreneurs behind them," said a spokesperson for the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Louise Kramer. Additionally, "chocolate is hugely popular with consumers of specialty foods." True enough, chocolate was named as 2011’s top specialty food.
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BitterSweet: Beer+Chocolate

As you may have read in the earlier blog posts, one of the things that makes a chocolate and beer tasting great is the fact that it is unusual, yet it works!  Even people who say they don’t like beer, often do like chocolate so everyone can enjoy the event.

Last week’s Craft:Beer+Food event was a huge hit, the pairings were sublime. If you weren’t able to attend, fret not, as a sequel to this delightful affair is anticipated. After Craft:Beer+Food comes the next big thing, BitterSweet:Beer+Chocolate. It is a non-profit happening that enables local breweries to showcase their beers along with the remarkable chocolates of Seattle’s own Theo Chocolate.
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Choco-Laté Festival

People who come to pay a visit at the Bruge’s Choco-Laté Festival, held in the Belfort bell tower, can relish their much loved dessert in whatever shapes & forms possible! So all you chocoholics, listen up and unite. Succumb to your every chocolate craving and indulge in your favorite sweet treat!

Choco-Laté is the annual festival of our favorite guilty pleasure. The vibes that chocolatiers give off at several stands lure the customers and magically bring them to a chocolate haven.

The festival will be hosting an array of activities to make visitors drool with tons of interesting and fun interactive programs such as body painting, chocolate recipe exhibitions, creations such as sculpture by chocolate artists and sculptors, a chocolate village for the little ones, and a “chocolate walk” through the town of Bruges, among many others.
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Chocolate and Red Wine: Intelligent

Chocolates are one of the most popular sweets, definitely loved by a lot of people. Research has shown that chocolates tend to stimulate mental attentiveness, and it also helps in regulating good mood.  As a chocolate lover you probably know this.

But have you thought about wine?  It has a lot in common with chocolate.

A glass of red wine is not only yummy, but studies show that red wine lowers the risk of heart attack for middle-aged people. This luscious drink (in moderation of course) can also increase good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease bad cholesterol (LDL).
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Like Coffee for Chocolate


North Star Fine Coffees is introducing a new coffee that is designed for students of Chocolate University Online and chocolate lovers with a keen sense of taste. 

"Simply Decadent" is not a chocolate flavored coffee, but rather is a coffee designed to pair well with chocolates and chocolate desserts.
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Cupcakes Rule!

A couple weeks ago I attended an event that included a lunch buffet.  I love buffets, especially the all-you-can-eat-dessert part of a buffet.

After eating my lunch, I elbowed my way through the crowd that had swarmed around the desserts.  I stared at the table.  <gasp> It had an abundance of cupcakes, the most diverse assortment of beautifully decorated cupcakes I had ever laid eyes on!
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Spectacular Chocolate and Coffee Pairing

I was recently introduced to of Seattle Reign a coffee from North Star Fine Coffees.  This morning I sipped a delicious brew of the coffee and quietly ate my chocolate donut, trying to get some work done.

At one point I was rolling the two around my mouth at the same time, coffee and chocolate, chocolate and coffee...  Then I experienced a new flavor emerge as I swallowed. 

This got me thinking about chocolate and coffee pairings!
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Other Fine Foods and Drinks

Recently Bryn wrote a post about experiencing fine chocolate.  I'm wondering what other fine foods and/or drinks you might enjoy?

People who have a strong love for chocolate often enjoy other fine foods and beverages as well.  Perhaps you like drinks such as coffee, wine, or scotch.  

Are you picky about your morning cup of coffee?  Do you want a gourmet blend with exquisite flavor?  Or will any dark-brown sludge do as long as its got caffeine? 
Do you like a fine French Bordeaux wine or do you pick up the $2.95 bottle of "Red?" 
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