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Chocolate Survey Chocolate University Online

The CUO Chocolate Survey – We Want To Know!

Here at CUO, we're always learning about chocolate, and all things pertaining to the rich, dark, wonderful substance.

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How Does CUO Compare With Other Chocolate Classes?

Most people just continue eating chocolate instead of ever really tasting it, never realizing why they like the flavor.

The key to understanding the nuances and complex flavors and aromas of great chocolate is simple - training and tasting, guided by an expert in the field.

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Chocolate Travel for CUO Graduate School

I am really excited to announce our first ever CUO Chocolate Immersion which will take place at Walt Disney World® Resort, February 7-12, 2014. If you have already taken our classes, then consider this your "graduate school." 

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201 Fun Chocolate Facts

Well this is exciting.  The staff here at Chocolate University Online has recently released an ebook exclusively for the Amazon Kindle.  It's called 201 Fun Chocolate Facts.

If you previously downloaded our ebook 101 Things You Must Know About Chocolate you've seen some of the material that went into this new book.

We greatly expanded and enhanced the content while adding a chocolate trivia quiz at the end so that you have questions you can use to stump your friends.
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Is Your Chocolate Ethical?

That's an interesting question, isn't it?  Perhaps not something you've considered.  In our chocolate classes, two important lessons include "Responsible Cacao Farming" and "Preventing Exploitation in the Chocolate Industry."

But answering that single question may be even more complex that what most of us may think. Chocolates are undeniably tied to many cultures, many holidays, and many more celebrations.

There are chocolate birthday cakes, chocolate eggs for Easter, chocolates for Valentine's Day, and even chocolate bars for Halloween.  These are just a sampling of the occasions that utilize these sweet and luscious treats.
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More Chocolate In Maya History

Anything you serve me, as long as it has a touch of chocolate in it, will one hundred percent put a glow on my face. It has that strong effect on me being I am a sucker for it and all...

Chocolate Cake with SauceA piece of moist chocolate cake, a bar of milk chocolate, a hot cup of chocolate drink, name it and by all means I will shove it in my mouth. To have the chocolate per se is one thing, but to mix it in with some history interests me even more.
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Chocolate Chip Day

Do you have it on your calendar?  Sure, today is a Friday the 13th, but never fear, the antidote is right around the corner.  May 15 each year is National Chocolate Chip day!

Of course this brings up the question, “Who invented the Chocolate Chip?”  The answer is a very American story.
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Chocolate Tasting Interview

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for an article with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper.  That article appeared in the print version yesterday and online the day before.

There's some great information about tasting chocolate as well as pairing chocolate and wine.  Click this link for the full chocolate and wine article.
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Like Coffee for Chocolate


North Star Fine Coffees is introducing a new coffee that is designed for students of Chocolate University Online and chocolate lovers with a keen sense of taste. 

"Simply Decadent" is not a chocolate flavored coffee, but rather is a coffee designed to pair well with chocolates and chocolate desserts.
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Mother’s Day and Chocolate

Those two things, Mother's Day and Chocolate, just fit together nicely, don’t they? 

Mother's Day is celebrated on different days and different months depending on which country you live in.  In the United States, it is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. 

We can thank Anna Jarvis for this great day.  She is the one credited for founding Mothers Day in the US.

How do you choose the perfect chocolate for Mom?
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