Chocolate Flavored Envelopes… Yum?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we all know that Valentine’s would be so bland without chocolate, well, at least to me.

Valentine cards also happen to be a big part of the celebration of love, but we’re not exactly thrilled about licking the envelopes we put those cards in. Imagine the horror of having to lick envelopes for a living, so my heart goes out to those who have to mail out sales letters for days on end. However, I believe the advent of Chocolate Flavored Envelopes will make things much more bearable for them.

Imagine, how much of a help this would be during the holidays when you put tons of cards into envelopes and have to taste the glue. It’s not exactly delightful. Too bad they’re only releasing them now, but who cares, right. All the ladies will dig it for sure, and of course, their male significant halves who have to do all the licking.

Each Chocolate Flavored Envelopes come with a note card you can use to scribble your messages on. And of course, the envelopes take pride in their flaps clad in a chocolate flavor. Yep, no more disgusting glue tastes! Instead, you have that sweet chocolaty flavor in your mouth. Wouldn’t you want to have more Valentine’s cards to send out? Just so you can have your delightful chocolate envelope-flap licking session. Sounds pretty weird, but it got your curiosity, didn’t it?

Each set comes with 10 pieces of 5 x 7 inch note cards with matching chocolate-flavored envelopes. If you only have one valentine to send a card to (hopefully!), you might want to save the rest for other celebrations to come. Better yet, have more people to send Valentine’s cards to. Nope, I’m by no means promoting polygamy here, family and friends can be your Valentines. After all, such event is the celebration of love, be it the love for your other half, family, friends, yourself, and even strangers who you think need it the most.

I found these cards for sale at Think Geek.

Joanna Maligaya

Joanna Maligaya

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