Cocoacara Orange and Chili

Cocoacara Orange and ChiliThe Terravita Chocolate Company is a Polish chocolate manufacturer making some uniquely flavored chocolate.  I recently tasted the 77% Orange and Chili Dark Chocolate.

The Terravita line of dark chocolate uses 77% cocoa as a bold, chocolate base.  The added, exotic flavor combinations include orange peels and chili, as well as coffee and cardamom.

What I like most about the orange and chili combination is the intense chocolate and orange up front when you first bite into it, and then just when you think you have finished, the heat from the chili kicks in.  It is a pleasant finish albeit a surprise!

The orange peels are tiny and chewy and flavorful--just the way I like them.  The most impressive thing about his bar is the powerful impact of the chocolate at 77%.  (The Lindt Intense Orange is very good, but the chocolate cocoa content is 47% and thus more subdued.)

The website for TerraVita is very interesting.  It is in Polish and built for entertainment.  Check it

By the way, you can also order these bars from Amazon (click here to see).


Bryn Kirk

Bryn Kirk

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6 thoughts on “Cocoacara Orange and Chili

  1. avatar penelope allingham

    I bought both the Cardamom and Coffee and the Orange Chili at Big Lots. Went back and bought the remaining nine bars. Now I’m addicted and can’t find out where to find more.
    Help please!!

  2. avatar Susie Welsh

    I got this chocolate at Marshalls. The chili kick was perfect! Where can I get a permanent supply?? I want to try the cardamom flavor too.


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