Dark Chocolate Bee-Berry Honey Caramel

The Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate company (named for the founders’ three children) makes small batch artisan chocolate bars as well as other confections. In 1981, Dan Abel opened the first Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company store in St. Louis, Missouri. I found this bar in a specialty store in my neck of the woods, southeastern Wisconsin.

Today’s review is for a dark chocolate bar called Bee-Berry Honey Caramel. This is just one of ten varieties and each bar contains either a caramel or a truffle filling.

I like this different twist on caramel. I can taste berries and honey in the filling as well as a nice buttery flavor, especially in the beginning. There’s increased sweetness at the finish, but also a hint of vanilla. The dark chocolate gives off a medium-roast impact of cocoa notes with a pleasant nuttiness to it.

According to their website, www.chocolatechocolate.com, fresh blackberries are cooked into their honey caramel. The chocolate is 54% cacao mass.

I enjoyed this bar. I liked the fact that the caramel filling was thin and the chocolate bar was thick. The caramel was tasty enough that it didn’t have to be over abundant to make its point.

I would say this bar is perfect for a chocolate lover that happens to like caramel. But it would possibly disappoint a caramel lover who also happens to like chocolate!

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