Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bourbon Caramel

Ghirardelli recently introduced a new variety of chocolate square; Dark Chocolate Bourbon Caramel. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, I think this is another example of “sounds better than it is”.

Of course, I had an expectation of bourbon! I knew this chocolate wouldn’t be filled with alcohol, but certainly there would be a recognizable bourbon flavor, right? I like bourbon and have a fairly knowledgeable palate about it. There is definitely an additional flavor in the caramel, but I wouldn’t call it bourbon.

A little trick I like to do sometimes during my tastings is to add the power of suggestion. I tried to think of bourbon while tasting this chocolate to see if I could find the flavor, but I still couldn’t.

The filling is delicate, smooth and looks like caramel, but it’s a mystery flavor for me and hard to describe. There’s a lack of standard caramel flavor because I’m unable to taste the usual buttery or toffee notes.

I was hoping there would be a pleasant caramel taste up front with a warm bourbon finish. That’s not what happened.

I do like the dark chocolate combination with the mystery caramel flavor because it keeps the sweetness level to a tolerable level. And the chocolate, along with the “filling that cannot not be identified,” is a tasty confection overall.

I would never discourage anyone from trying a new chocolate flavor, so I still recommend that you try it. If you have a different opinion than mine, please share. I’d love to know what you think!

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Bryn Kirk

Bryn Kirk

Course Facilitator at Chocolate University Online
Bryn worked for nearly 10 years in a research and product development for Ambrosia Chocolate Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now she develops all of the CUO lessons and coaches the members of the Primal Chocolate Club.
Bryn Kirk

3 thoughts on “Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bourbon Caramel

  1. avatar Liz

    I also purchased these chocolates when they were on sale. I usually enjoy Ghirardelli chocolates and thought the flavor combination sounded interesting. When my husband and I tasted them we found the flavor combination to be lacking as they almost seemed to contain a slightly sour taste, which was a little off putting. I would not buy them again but don’t wish to deter anyone else from at least giving them a try. I usually purchase the dark chocolate and sea salt caramel flavor which are a personal favorite.

  2. avatar Kay

    I bought this flavor because it was on sale even though I don’t like the taste of bourbon and it definitely tastes better than it sounds. There is no bourbon flavor at all.


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