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From the Desk of Bryn Kirk
Re: Fun, Educational, and Delicious Chocolate Classes

Dear Chocolate Lover,

How do you feel when you are eating chocolate? What if you could feel that way all the time?

Of course in reality you wouldn't be able to eat chocolate all the time without it losing some of its appeal. It's those moments when chocolate breaks through in your life that gives it that special feeling brought on by that taste you love.

At Chocolate University Online we strive to give you the feeling of chocolate all the time. As a student, your mind will be focused on chocolate more than ever before. You will have more chocolate moments, and more enjoyment in those moments, as you gain insight into your favorite food.

"Chocolate University lessons are the best. Not only am I learning interesting and helpful information but the chocolate labs & weekly assignments are delicious!  P.S. They're really lots of fun too."

- Sue, in Yuma, Arizona

The key to understanding the nuances and complex flavors and aromas of great chocolate is simple - training and tasting - guided by an expert in the field.

Most people just continue eating chocolate instead of ever really tasting it, never realizing why they like the flavor, never gaining true understanding. But you can have it differently.

If you are ready to embrace the total chocolate experience then...

You are really going to love this...

Chocolate Classes from
Chocolate University Online!

At Chocolate University Online I will personally teach you all about chocolate. This program will help you...

  • Discover the depths of milk and dark chocolate flavors
  • Learn what great chocolates to have on hand to share
  • Impress family and friends with your chocolate knowledge
  • Become the "chocolate snob" you've always wanted to be 🙂
  • Get that great chocolate feeling every day!

I've done all the work, so you can simply enjoy!

In this step-by-step complete course you will learn exactly how to taste chocolate, increasing the wonderful flavor experience, developing your own deep understanding--(completely from square one, no prior experience necessary)--from a Master of Chocolate...

Is this the right chocolate class for you?

Since you love chocolate and have already read this far, the answer is probably yes. But let's take a quick look at some specific situations. I would really love to have you in class if this is the right class for you.

Which of these statements best defines you?

"I am a chocolate lover and I want to learn more about chocolate!"

If so, then this class is perfect for you and you are already qualified to join us. Whether you or your friends consider you a chocoholic or not, you will certainly take that chocolate addiction to the next level!

"I am interested in a well-rounded chocolate education covering chocolate tastings, chocolate history, as well as pairing chocolate with other food and drinks..."

If so, you'll really love our classes. We dig into all of these things. There is so much fun that can be had with chocolate.

"I am already a professional in the chocolate industry, but I want to learn some of the basics about chocolate..."

If so, this class might be OK for you, but you might want to consider the chocolate professional class which works at a faster pace and includes personal coaching.

"I want to learn to make chocolate candies that I can sell..."

If so, this class is only an introduction. While I teach some of the fundamentals of chocolate candy making, this is not a chocolatier school. Of course rounding out your chocolate education with what we teach might be good for your business. And my separate chocolate coaching programs can help support you with troubleshooting.

"I want to learn to make chocolate, from bean to bar..."

If so, you will need more than this class. In this class you can experience the bean and the bar, and I will go over such things as tempering chocolate. But I am not going to show you how to start from raw ingredients to make your own designer chocolate.

"Bryn, really I am just interested in trying something fun and different. I want to choose my own timing and schedule and participate from home..."

Well, join us! Even if you don't call yourself a chocolate lover or a chocoholic, you will soon! This class will elevate your entire chocolate experience. You will develop a personal relationship with the world's favorite food.

So who am I to teach you about chocolate?

In college, my studies made me a scientist and a teacher. I became a licensed biology teacher. I taught in high schools for a couple years before my dream job and I came together in the same time and space.

It was my husband who actually took the phone call, from out of the blue, wondering if I'd be willing to work for Ambrosia Chocolate Company. Duh! That's exactly what I wanted without even knowing the position existed.

I started working at Ambrosia in a quality control job (oh yeah, lots and lots of chocolate tasting) and then I moved into research and product development. In case you're wondering, that's even more tasting!

For nearly 10 years I had my hands in chocolate, producing formulas for such companies as Pillsbury, Nabisco, Good Humor, ConAgra, Edy's, Mrs. Fields, and Quaker Oats.

Besides making chocolate formulas, I learned to troubleshoot chocolate problems for businesses. Sometimes over the phone, and sometimes in person, I would help resolve their chocolate and candy-making issues. I learned a lot about what problems occur throughout the industry.

And, to expand my role, the company trained me to be a taster on their taste testing panel. Eventually I ran taste test panels for the new products that we developed in our laboratory.

Now my passion is taking this knowledge and providing it to chocolate lovers, chocoholics, chocolate businesses, and anyone who enjoys chocolate in any form. By doing this, I can help you can enhance your chocolate experience, whether you prefer making it or eating it. This will boost your overall love and enjoyment of chocolate!

"Your 'Flavor Attributes of Chocolate' presentation was a great success! It was informative, entertaining and interactive with the audience. I certainly learned more than I ever had before about chocolate."

- William, from Athens, Georgia

The "Taste and Understand Training Formula":
A Step-By-Step, Training Program!

I developed the chocolate classes at Chocolate University Online so that you can get even greater enjoyment every time you take a bite of your favorite chocolate. You might even find a new favorite! And you'll discover why it's your favorite.

Every week for the next 9 months (40 weeks total) you'll receive an email with a special download link for an easy-to-read step-by-step lesson that assures you'll make progress every single week.

Some weeks will also include bonus material to help you understand and learn more advanced concepts.

Don't worry, there is no requirement to participate with others, or submit answers to questions.

You are never graded. It's all about fun with chocolate that you can do on your own time. This is purely a self-study program.

While I send you one lesson per week, you can even let them pile up in your email if you get busy with something else.

Over the coming 9 months your Chocolate University Online lessons will help you easily discover:

  • How to taste and describe the flavors in chocolate
    (see lessons 1 to 12)
  • 3 key elements you need to know about chocolate and your health
    (see lesson 25)
  • Your favorite milk and dark chocolates
    (see lessons 8 and 9)
  • The secret to pairing chocolate and wine for a great taste experience
    (see lessons 35 and 36)
  • How to get real chocolate to harden properly without additives or refrigeration (no one does this simple trick, but it's the secret to perfect chocolate-covered strawberries and other chocolate candies)
    (see lessons 16 and 17)
  • What to do after you have made chocolate mistakes.  Can you recover?
    (see lesson 22)
  • ...and much, much more!

But perhaps the best thing about chocolate classes is that you get to eat your homework!

Instead of simply publishing this information in some book that just sits on your coffee table, I'm making these lessons available to you week after week in "bite-sized" portions.

You'll also receive some "here's what you do next" action steps to improve your progress. You won't just be book-smart, you'll have practical experience so the lessons will stay with you.

When you join Chocolate University Online you'll receive...

Seminar conclusion at ADM Cocoa's Milwaukee facility.

I presented a "standards of identity" seminar at ADM in Mansfield, MA.

Chocolate applications go beyond candies. Here I'm at a baking class.

Forty Lessons, delivered weekly,
in downloadable .PDF format

Each lesson is strategically created in such a way that you'll see growth in your knowledge and appreciation of chocolate.

You will get my expert guidance and direction that helps you learn the right things at the right time...

Here’s a Summary of What You’ll Receive.

Each Chocolate Lesson…

  • Is Short and Easy to “Digest”…
    Most lessons are only 4-7 pages in length and contain nothing but “the good stuff.”  Each lesson is purposefully brief (but thorough!) so you can read it quickly and get on to the chocolate experience.
  • Has a Fun Laboratory or Experiment to Complete…
    Many lessons will include an appropriate sensory evaluation (fancy word for taste testing).  Whether you complete the experiment or not is up to you.  You’ll speed up your learning if you do.  And you’ll enjoy more chocolate along the way!
  • Builds As You Go...
    Most lessons build on previous information.  Early on we discuss basics to quickly establish your expertise.  From there, we move into intermediate and then advanced topics to help you obtain legendary "chocolate guru" status!
  • Helps You Make Real Progress...
    You've always loved chocolate for the taste.  These lessons will transform the way you think about chocolate and the way you pursue it.  Your family and friends will place you on a chocolate pedestal.
  • Includes Chocolate Recipes to Impress...
    Since people know about my love of chocolate they often expect me to bring chocolate when I need a "dish to pass."  So, to round out each lesson, I will include a recipe or two.  This way you can help others enjoy your love of chocolate too!

Each chocolate class is designed to be "to the point" so you learn quickly and easily.

The first lesson is coming your way immediately upon completing your order. Included in your first class...

Lesson #1

  • You'll learn how milk chocolate gets its unique flavors.
  • You'll look at the ingredients of milk chocolate.
  • You'll compare colors and aromas of three different milk chocolate bars.
  • You'll taste the differences of those bars.
  • You'll get two different, easy to make, milk chocolate truffle recipes.

This lesson is yours instantly when you join. It's your chance to start turning your love of chocolate into expertise.

"I have been a chocolate lover for some time but it is great to learn so much about it, and how to compare different types and brands. I could not resist eating my homework. It brought a new theme of conversation at home, and between my friends!"

- Richard, from Bayamón, Puerto Rico

You Can Start Your Chocolate Journey
in the Next Five Minutes for Only...

By now you're probably wondering how much this is going to cost. As you've probably guessed by now, I get paid hundreds of dollars just for a couple hours of a chocolate tasting or similar presentation. (Need proof? Take a look at my chocolate tasting site.)

And with Chocolate University Online you're getting over 100 hours of my presentation material distilled down into 40 fun and easy lessons. That's much more information than you'd get in a single 2-hour presentation, and a whole lot less money...

If you're lucky enough to live near a local college that offers special interest classes you might be able to find a chocolate-related class. Even so, you'd still likely spend hundreds of dollars for a single semester, or nearly $100 for a few short sessions, and never get as comprehensive a chocolate education as you'll get here.

Over in our Chocolate Professional Class we sell chocolate lessons for $497. That includes the lessons in PDF downloads, MP3 audio, and coaching. Frankly, in my opinion, we offer the professional students a great price for that bundle. (If you want to present chocolate tastings like I do, the chocolate professional class is the way to go!)

But chocolate is a passion of mine so want to share the information with a price that every chocolate lover can afford. I want you to learn all about this wonderful food so I am making it easy for you.

I could go on and on about some high price that we cut down to some lower price, kind of like they do on those infomercials, but I'd rather get to the point.

You can join Chocolate University Online and still have money left to get yourself some great chocolate!

"As a chocoholic, I crave both chocolate and my Chocolate University Online lessons."

- Jean, from Waukesha, Wisconsin

Now it's time for you to smile...

Since the class of 40 lessons is spread out over 9 months, you can choose to pay $14.95 per month for each month of the class.

Or, you can pay in full right now and save more than 27% off that price with a single payment of $97. Once and done!

Either way, this is one sweet deal.

"Bryn, that's a bargain!"

Yes it's a drop in the bucket.  At $97 for all 40 lessons, that's less than $2.43 per class.  Taking you by the hand, adding to your chocolate knowledge step-by-step, and building your chocolate expertise will pay back in chocolate enjoyment for years to come.

Now, if you're thinking this might be one of those deals that's too good to be true, let me ease your mind with one more thought...

There's an Iron-Clad
Money-Back Guarantee!

There's nothing to lose.  If you're unhappy for any reason, your money will be returned at the click of a mouse button.

It's completely your decision.  If, within 60 days, you feel the classes are not worth the cost, just let me know and we'll issue a refund.

Start Your Chocolate Journey Now...

Get All 40 Lessons for $97

click the button below to get started

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You will be charged one time for $97.00,
or $14.95 now and $14.95 per month for 8 additional months.

(even if it’s 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning)

I invite you to start my Chocolate University Online chocolate classes for a unique (and delicious) degree in the study of chocolate. Everything you learn impacts your appreciation of chocolate and will help fine-tune your preferences.

Here I am with chocolate and memorabilia. Please join me in class! I am confident that you will become a chocolate expert, without guilt, as you taste your way to graduation and get your personal certificate of completion!

If this sounds exactly like what you're looking for, let's get started right now.

See you in class,
Bryn Kirk signature

P.S. If you are still undecided about joining, click here for answers to frequently asked questions. (A new window will open. Just close that to come back to this page.)

"Thank you! All my friends and relatives agreed that your "Classic Chocolate Tasting" presentation was the best time they ever had at a gathering. You have so much passion about chocolate! It meant so much to me that you were able to help make our wedding weekend extra special."

- Ashley, from Chicago, Illinois

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