A Remarkable Offer for Serious Chocolate Lovers Only...

Let Me Take You By The Hand, Give You Feedback, Answer Your Questions, and Give You the Ultimate in Personalized, One-On-One Chocolate Help

From:  Bryn Kirk
Re:  A Unique Chocolate "Club"

Dear Chocolate Lover,

If you are already in one of my chocolate classes, you are familiar with the various topics, the chocolate laboratories, and the assignments. It's completely self-study. You go through the material, follow along, and take the suggested actions.

How would you like to enhance your experience, elevate your understanding, and create faster progress?

If you not in one of my chocolate classes, please consider joing.  Here's the link. But even if you're not interested in our classes you can still join the club if we have open spots.

Introducing the Primal Chocolate Club...

When I was first putting together the training for our chocolate classes, I realized it would be impossible for me to provide individualized attention to all of the students of Chocolate University Online.

Meanwhile some students suggested that I offer personalized, one-on-one, teaching for an affordable price.

After considering how this might work, I decided to form the Primal Chocolate Club and make 50 spots available. You'll find this is a great way to get personal attention in your chocolate adventure, whether that's a part of our classes or not.

What You Get in the Primal Chocolate Club...

1) Your own private, personal message board

When you join the Primal Chocolate Club you'll get access to a private message center where you and I will communicate on a personal, one-on-one level. You are the only one who has access to your message board (other than me).

2) Feedback on your weekly assignment

Though open to all chocolate lovers, the Primal Chocolate Club is especially suited for CUO students to get help on your weekly assignments and laboratories. You can submit your assignment to me for my feedback.

For example, in lesson #2 you're taught some flavor descriptors. You may find other flavors and want to know if you're right. Or you might want to know an appropriate descriptor that describes what you're tasting.

Here's another example. You might hear a claim made about chocolate and want to know if it's true or a myth like those you read about in lesson #26. You can just ask me.

I work with you on your specific needs. And, we'll work at YOUR pace... if you want to spend 2 or more weeks on a single lesson, that's fine. If you want to cover more than one lesson in a single week, that's OK too. No pressure from me regardless.

3) Answers to your questions

You may ask me a question each day. (Note that I don't teach on weekends, so you'll get answers on Monday through Thursday. That's 4 questions answered each week.)

Every day, or evening, during my Chocolate University Online office hours, I'll check your message board and answer your question. Here are some examples...

  • Given your expertise, what is your opinion of this chocolate?
  • What do you think about pairing chocolate with this?
  • How can I learn more about this topic?
  • I'm having trouble with this or that, what can I do about it?
  • I'm not in the United States, what other candy bars can I substitute?

If you want to ask my opinion about something, seek a recommendation, clear up something that is confusing you, get a suggestion for pairing wine and chocolate, and/or just ask another other question on your mind... I'm here for you.

Here's how it works...

1. You join through the SUBSCRIBE button below, providing your payment information.  The first week is a $1 trial week so you can sample at the lowest price.

(Your first full month charge will happen 7 days later, and then monthly thereafter... you may cancel anytime you like.  If you cancel within the first 7 days then your total cost is only $1.)

2. Upon providing payment details you will be taken to a setup page where you will choose a username and password for your own private message board.

3. After making your selection you can login to the message center and post your first question, say "hi," or turn in your homework for a "grade" or expert opinion.

Before you join, let me mention two more things...

First, even with my direct assistance I can't guarantee you'll truly become a chocolate expert.

I have no control over your taste buds or your willingness to put in effort. You know that, and I know that, but it's something I've got to point out anyway.

I will offer my expert opinions based on my own experience and knowledge, but there are no guarantees. You agree to hold me harmless for any results that occur from my coaching. Of course if you get great results and want to share the good news, I am happy to hear it!

Second, I want you to try out the Primal Chocolate Club with no obligation.

I'm giving you the first week for only $1. If you try it out and don't even think it's worth a dollar, then I want to give you your dollar back so that you have no risk at all.

I really think you'll like to be a part of this special group, but you get to decide. If it's not for you, you can cancel before your regular monthly charge kicks in. And, even after your paid months begin, you can still cancel at any time to prevent future charges.

OK, now that I've got those notes out of the way, let's move on. This is going to be a great experience for 50 lucky students. I'm very happy to be able to personally work with a select few in this program. I'm really looking forward to it.

If you're ready, I am too!  I'd like you to join me. So let's get started together right now...

"The [one-on-one coaching] provided me with the personal attention that I needed to develop my chocolate tasting skills. With Bryn's expertise, guidance and feedback, I have a better understanding of the sensory properties of chocolate and the tools to continue exploring the wonderful wide world of chocolate."

- Sue Langstaff, Applied Sensory, LLC

And now a surprise...

You've got three options!

The first is the Chocolate Lover level as described above. You get personal access to me to ask a lesson-related question each day. The price is very affordable at only $29 per month.

Even at this level you will get much more value out of your chocolate lessons. If your budget is limited, then consider jumping in for only 3 months. That will get you through all of the tasting lessons so that I can help you fine tune your preferences with personal feedback.

The Chocolate Lover level is for our students only. Note that if you're not a student, you are not able to ask questions related to your lessons, therefore this level is not available to you. Please choose one of the higher levels instead. 

Or, second, you can upgrade to the most popular level, the Chocolate Guru level. At this level you are not limited to asking questions about your lessons. You can ask any chocolate-related questions. Plus, I respond to the Chocolate Guru members before the Chocolate Lover members, so you get priority.

The Chocolate Guru level is only $37 per month.

Or, third, you can upgrade to the Gold Circle level.  As a Gold Circle member, you get even more access to me.  This is ideal for those already in the chocolate industry looking to step up their knowledge or get troubleshooting advice.

With the Gold Circle, you'll get Primal Chocolate Club personal coaching at the elite level and highest priority.  You can use your online message center for up to 10 questions each week, all in one day or spread out.  I'll do my best to answer each question within a single business day. You get the highest priority in the answer queue.

Another benefit for Gold Circle members, is that your banner will rotate onto the side bar of our blog posts. If you have a business, this banner can draw additional attention. It includes a link so that interested visitors can quickly get to your business website.

The cost of this top-of-the-line coaching is only $97 per month.

Choose Your Best Option...

Chocolate Lover
$29per month after $1 trial
  • Private Message Board
  • Get Personalized Feedback
  • Ask a Question Each Day
  • Ask Lesson-Related Questions

Gold Circle
$97per month after $1 trial
  • Private Message Board
  • Get Personalized Feedback
  • 10 Questions Per Week
  • Ask Lesson-related Questions
    And Other Chocolate Questions
    And Troubleshooting Questions
  • Highest Response Priority
  • Banner and Link For Your
    Business in the CUO Blog

(Your cost will never go up!  As long as you remain a member of the Primal Chocolate Club your price remains the same even when I raise prices in the future.  I recommend getting started now to lock in the lowest price.)

For security, please note that when you click the Subscribe button you’ll be taken to a page that shows our banner at the top, has secure payment form indicators, and is followed by the Clickbank guarantee.

You will be charged $1.00 right now. Then, in 7 days,
you will be charged $29, $37, or $97, depending on the package chosen.

Each month thereafter, you will be charged the same rate for as long as you remain an active Primal Chocolate Club member. (You can cancel any time.)

(even if it’s 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning)

As soon as you are registered follow the instructions to create your message center access and then send me a message. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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