Sweet Obsession Chocolate

Sweet Obsession Chocolate"Simply the finest chocolates on earth!"

Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

I review a lot of chocolate, and I’d be the first to emphasize that anything I report is a matter of subjective opinion and personal preference. That is, what I write is MY personal preference. Just because I like it, doesn’t mean everyone will like it. We all get that.

This time, however, you can take my review as gospel truth and just trust me…. YOU WILL NOT like Sweet Obsession™ chocolate.

Contrary to the tag line that is on the wrapper, this bar is simply the worst chocolate on earth.  At a minimum, it's one of the worst I have ever tasted.

The Sweet Obsession Milk Chocolate bar is boldly labeled as "Fine European Chocolate."  I've enjoyed fine European chocolate.  This is not it.  European chocolate makers should be embarrassed to see this phrase on these packages.

There were plenty of warning signs before I bought this bar.  In other words, my my expectations were pretty low from the start.

1. The bar sells for $1.00 despite being a larger size (5.3 oz/150 g) than typical chocolate bars.

2. The ingredient statement declares that in addition to cocoa butter there is vegetable fat, and in addition to whole milk there is whey powder.

3. It is imported by a company (Global Brands, LLC) that is "committed to creating and supplying food products that will never cost more than $1.00 retail." Ok, it really said supplying "extreme value foods," but that makes it sound like a good thing.

It only took one small bite to confirm my suspicions. The chocolate was gritty, tasteless, and waxy. To punish myself even more, I tried the dark chocolate version and guess what? It was gritty, tasteless, and waxy – only in a darker color!

I bought these extreme value chocolates at the local Pick 'n Save grocery store. Don’t get sucked in by the price.  And don’t believe, even for a second, that Sweet Obsession makes the finest chocolates on earth!


(Due to popular request, on May 11, 2015 I re-reviewed Sweet Obsession milk chocolate. You can read that review here.)

Bryn Kirk

Bryn Kirk

Course Facilitator at Chocolate University Online
Bryn worked for nearly 10 years in a research and product development for Ambrosia Chocolate Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now she develops all of the CUO lessons and coaches the members of the Primal Chocolate Club.
Bryn Kirk

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22 thoughts on “Sweet Obsession Chocolate

  1. avatar James

    For only $1.00, a person gets a generous bar of chocolate that tastes so much better than Hershey’s!

    Both the milk and dark are delicious.

  2. avatar Wendy

    For 1.00, this is good chocolate. I think everyone has different taste buds. No gritty or waxy texture and not overly sweet. If I don’t spit it out….it is good. Would buy this chocolate with rice crisps again in a heart beat.

  3. avatar Bill

    To each his or her own, this chocolate for the money is great, it’s smooth and creamy, tastes great! Like someone else said earlier this beats anything Hershey’s put out. Give it a try and remember to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. This stuff is a dollar a bar for dark chocolate, ya can’t beat it.

  4. avatar Rich

    i’m glad you posted your assessment of the Sweet Obsession dark chocolate, for the only reason that I hope it scares people away from it so there’s more for me! You have no clue on what you speak of!

  5. avatar Mel Enloe

    Love these Dark Chocolate bars. So sorry that some do not. Everyone has different tastes and I attribute their different experiences to those differences.

  6. avatar julia

    So.. my daughter and I had one of these from our local CVS in myrtle beach sc while we were out xmas shopping. She started yelling at me that there were bugs in it! I quickly turned around and saw maggots. I have contacted headquarters and informed them of issue that it shld be recalled asap. i will never buy this chocolate again!

  7. avatar Suzana Megles

    I loved this dark chocolate bar. I have only one concern- is it vegan? If not, I’ll have to reserve buying it for only Christmas and Easter. I looked at the ingredients and didn’t see any milk or butter. However, a couple of ingredients I wasn’t versed with.
    I guess I’ll have to do some sleuthing on the internet. Until then, I will enjoy eating a piece or two each day. So glad the reviewer is so wrong – at least in a number of our opinions.

  8. avatar marvin kelm

    Obsession Dark chocolate is the best dark chocolate I have eaten. I have been to 26 countries including Switzerland about 12 times,,, I have yet to find a better dark chocolate including the two US pricy bars I received for Christmas. My biggest disappointment is for some reason our local store does not keep it in stock all of the time,,, I cannot seem to find out why>> I first bought it cuz it was cheap,,, now I buy it because it is the best MK

  9. avatar Sweet Obsession Lover

    I have been a chocolate lover all my life. I look for chocolate that is rich, creamy, and uniquely delicious. I have only tried Sweet Obsession dark chocolate thus far. It is some of the best tasting chocolate I’ve tried, and I would recommend it to any dark chocolate lover. While I have found a few negative reviews of this chocolate, most of the reviews I’ve read by chocolate connoisseurs, and chocolate snobs all resonate with the same satisfaction that I have experienced eating this amazing, original tasting chocolate. If you are the average Hershey’s chocolate lover, and base all your taste for chocolate on the Hershey’s model or some other cheap company, then you might not enjoy this treat. Sweet Obsession Dark is recommended to chocolate lovers with more mature taste buds, and those who like designer chocolates. You simply cannot find a better dark chocolate for even twice the price. I highly recommend Sweet Obsession Dark chocolate. I can’t vouch for any of their other products, but I would advice ignoring any negative reviews on this terrific, inexpensive dark chocolate treat.

  10. avatar Tom C

    Maybe they have a quality control issue. I am eating some now that I took a risk on from Big Lots. My favorites are Lindt, Fannie May and scratch homemade fudge but this bar is good. Not the best, but for $1.00, really good. On the other side, imprint of the bar was nothing like the label and the color looked a little more like caramel than chocolate. Maybe they provide a recipe and then buy from a lot of sources.

  11. avatar Jack Hopp

    I was so surprised others didn’t like it………….and I mean they didn’t like it!!! Goes to show you……….different people …….different tastes.
    I absolutely loved it, and I’ve eaten the supposedly best chocolates and didn’t like many of them as much as I loved the Sweet Obsession, Dark.
    Wish I remembered where I got it.

  12. avatar Len

    Got sweet obsession dark as gift. Loved it so much more than Ghirardelli that I cam across this blog while looking online to see where I could buy it.

  13. avatar Barb

    I never write comments but I have to say I agree with Becky. The chocolate was given to me as a gift from a friend that knows I love it. I took a bite and it tasted like a cigarette. (I do not smoke) I feel bad because I hate to waste chocolate, but there is no way I can finish this bar.

  14. avatar Becky

    I love to sample different types of dark chocolate and frequently purchase it at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. There are ones I prefer to others, but they at least have quality inredients.
    I picked this up on a whim as I was passing through the aisle at Shaws. While I never expected it to truly be the best in the world, I was appalled at the taste of this “chocolate”. The best way for me to descibe it is, it tastes like tobacco smells. Completely disgusting. If you actually like this, do yourself a favor and go to a specialty store and get yourself some real chocolate (no, not Hersheys). You’ll be amazed at the difference.

  15. avatar kim

    sweet obsession is gross, i love chocolate and there is nothing in sweet obsession that resembles a fine chocolate. i also had a semi allergic reaction. my mouth and throat are itchy. 🙁

  16. avatar Brit

    My father bought all the ladies in the family a small bar of this stuff since we were taking my grandmother out for her birthday. All of us LOVE fine chocolate and we can’t keep it in stock in the houses.

    I forced myself to take a second bite of this and as you said its gritty, taste burnt, there’s no real chocolate flavor and because of the irritation is caused me I had to end up taking benedryl.

    I’ve NEVER had an allergic reaction to chocolate, of any kind. I’m used to getting the stuff from various countries and here in the US. Nothing have I ever tasted tasted this bad, save for a chocolate “coin” my little sister got from her easter basket.

    would NEVER suggest someone buy this, in fact I’mma give it to my dad since he bought it.

  17. avatar Betsy

    I bought a bar of Sweet Obsession Dark Chocolate when I was out of town. It was sooo good. I didn’t expect much since it only cost $1! But I was so pleasantly surprised. I’ve been looking for it in stores ever since — in fact I did a google search to see if I could find it sold online and came to this website. I have traveled extensively in Europe and this bar competes favorably with Belgium chocolates that were recommended in Rick Steve’s travel guide.

  18. avatar Matt

    I would have to STRONGLY disagree with your entire post, especially the bit about taking it as the “Gospel Truth”. I’ve personally tasted a bit of chocolate as well and you review is anything but the “gospel truth” as I personally always thought that Sweet Obsession Dark Chocolate was some of the best Dark Chocolate I’ve ever had in my life, especially for the bargain price. In my opinion, it is FAR better than anything Hershey’s makes for sure.

    In fact, the reason I felt compelled to reply to your post is because the only reason I got online so early this morning (the day after Christmas) was to find out where we can buy some Sweet Obsession Dark Chocolate since the only store around here that sells it (CVS) has been sold out of it for a few months now and we’ve really been craving it.

    Unfortunately my search brought me to your post which comes up as one of the first search results and I couldn’t believe what I was reading since I was fully expecting to hear of another fan of this fine chocolate. However, from the sounds of things the bars you bought had been sitting around on the shelf for quite sometime before you got around to buying it.

    I’ve had a couple of stale Sweet Obsession Chocolate Bars myself as well and from your description, it sounds like that’s exactly what you got, “stale” Chocolate Bars. And ANY “stale” chocolate gets gritty and chalky reguardless of the name brand.

    I think perhaps you should give it another try sometime, only try to make sure you get one from a fresh batch that hasn’t been sitting around on a shelf too long.

  19. avatar Alyssa Steffes

    This is good to know. I hate the waxiness that chocolate has sometimes, luckily I’ve never heard of this specific kind of of chocolate. I did, however, like the reference to Pick ‘n Save. There’s none of them where I am from and live, but there’s so many of them in Wisconsin where all my family lives. My uncle worked at one and everyone now just calls it “the nose bank”, ha.



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