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Brownie Bites Wrapped in Bacon

Everything tastes better with bacon!

A local bar & grill in my town has a bacon theme. They implemented the idea of serving all you can eat bacon, for free, during happy hour.

Their food menu serves only dishes with bacon. They offer usual items like bacon topped burgers and bacon wrapped water chestnuts, but there are also some surprises...

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Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle

During a snack break on a recent bike ride, a friend of mine offered me a taste of her Brownie Brittle. How could I refuse with a name like Brownie Brittle?

Brownie Brittle is bite-sized, very thin, cracker-like brownie pieces. It’s supposed to remind you of eating the well done edges of a brownie.

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Boston Brownie Recipe CUO

Chocolate Boston Brownies Recipe

Registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon is officially open!Chocolate Recipe CUO

Since Monday of this week, the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) began accepting registrations for next year's 120th Boston Marathon, set to take place on April 18th, 2016.

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Flourless Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Chocolate Recipe CUO

There's no denying - chocolate brownies are a classic American dessert.

Oh, there are new neighbors next door? Better bring them some fresh brownies and say hello!

Little Johnny broke his finger? Nothing says "it's OK" like a fresh batch of gooey brownies.

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Cookies and Cream Brownies Recipe

Here's a delicious brownie recipe with the Cookies and Cream theme. It actually uses chocolate sandwich cookies within the body of the brownie as well as sprinkled on top. They look good and taste great!
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Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies

I have been using my oven more than I usually do, but I ain’t complaining! This dessert is outrageously decadent & comforting any day of the week.

Moist fudge brownies with marshmallows. It’s not a true “brownie”, though, it’s a blondie!  Stopping while there’s still some left in your plate is almost impossible! It’s sooo rich, so a glass of milk or coffee might come in handy!
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Chocolate Butterscotch Swirl Brownies

When it comes to chocolate dessert, I don't have a favorite. If they were Pokemon, I'd catch 'em all! Right?! Right?! No? Okay. 🙁 moving along...

I may not be able to pick my favorite, but I would say brownies are among the best chocolatey confections. My go-to pick almost always includes butterscotch brownies.  I can positively murder a batch if I'm left unattended with them. Yup, these brownies are mah jam.

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Coconut Pecan Brownies

Let me feed your brain first, OK? The term “coconut,” is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. The term was derived from the word “coco,” meaning “monkey face.” This is allegedly because Portuguese and Spanish explorers found a resemblance between a monkey’s face and the base of a coconut.

Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm, scientifically known as cocos nucifera, and the word nucifera means "nut-bearing." The fruit-bearing palms are native to Malaysia, Polynesia, and southern Asia, and are now also abundant in South America, India, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii and Florida.
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Walnut Raspberry Brownies

Have you heard of the saying “Life is like chocolate, sometimes you gotta deal with nuts.” I can literally relate to this kidder, since I’m currently going through a rough patch with certain people. And I actually deemed them nuts, at least in my brain. However, I know that this too shall pass. I know I must just let things run their course. After all, it’s Christmas time. Nobody likes a melancholic Holiday season.

Wait, this post gets better. What I’m about to give you is something you can certainly serve on your Christmas table, and your friends and family might even give you a standing ovation. And of course, it has nuts (walnuts, my favorite!) and the sweetness and tanginess of raspberry.
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White Chocolate Brownies

Contrary to popular belief, these delectable white chocolate brownies are not so hard to prepare. If you've been craving it but too scared to give it a shot, well, you can now.

It's high time you whipped up these amazing treats, and celebrate your "expertise" with your loved one.  You can even prepare with your children or significant other. Quality time at its best! You never know, you might just start a family tradition!
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