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Pressure Cooker Chocolate Cake Recipe

Are you a novice baker looking for the perfect chocolate cake recipe? Then you will enjoy this recipe with detailed instructions to bake a pressure cooker chocolate cake.

No special ingredients are required for this recipe, and you will be amazed by how easy it is to make.
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Bavarian Spice Chocolate Cake Recipe for German Unity Day

The Day of German Unity (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is officially celebrated on October 3rd, and has been a German national holiday since 1990, when the reunification of East and West Germany was formally completed.

To help celebrate from afar, test out this Bavarian spiced chocolate cake recipe on family and friends. After all, Germany is responsible for many of the things we enjoy here in the U.S. - Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Siemens, Jägermeister, Hugo Boss, and the list goes on.

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Chocolate Cake – Crime Fighter

Chocolate cake is usually a happy surprise on your birthday, a symbol that you're loved and cared for, unless you're a drug lord trying to keep your "business" on the "down low".

This story is almost as charming as a nice chocolate cake. What was meant to be a gesture of well wishes, became the lead needed for police to arrest a notorious Mexican drug lord.

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Cherry and Chocolate Sheet Cake Recipe

When you eat cherries, you enjoy much more than just their amazing taste. They’re packed with antioxidants and offer many health benefits, including help with insomnia, joint pain and belly fat. Another benefit is the wood of some cherry species that is especially esteemed for the manufacture of fine furniture.

As Spring and Summer arrive, take them in with some fresh cherries, and try out this delicious cherry and chocolate sheet cake recipe.

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Chocolate Raspberry Marbled Cake Recipe

I dream of summer - flip flops, big straw hats, and green grass. The downtown farmer's market is one of my favorite summer activities.

I enjoy walking the streets on a nice summer day, looking at all the fresh fruits and veggies displayed in a rainbow of colors. That's exactly what this fresh chocolate raspberry marbled cake recipe reminds me of.

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Chocolate Chip Butter Cake Recipe

Yellow. It's the color of baby chicks, fluffy young ducklings, sunshine, and altogether Spring. It's also the color of butter. Yum. And what is baking without butter?

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Chocolate Cake with Rum Spiked Figs Recipe

As much as I hope to look outside and see spring's bright, beautiful flowers outside, here in the Midwest, it is still undeniably winter. And what does one crave in the winter? All things rich.

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Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Recipe

Here is a recipe of a great chocolate hazelnut cake that you, your friends and family will absolutely enjoy. It's stunningly delicious and a breeze to prepare. It is moist, not overly sweet, and packed with chocolate and hazelnut flavor.
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Simple Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

When you just don't have the energy and time to mess around in the kitchen, a simple cheesecake is a fool-proof wonder.
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Hot Fudge Sundae Cake

Hot Fudge Sundae Cake Recipe

Being a self-confessed chocolate addict, I’m always on the lookout for remarkable chocolaty treats. This one, however, was shared with me by my sister. Aware of the fact that I’m obsessed with chocolate, she sends me treats and recipes from time to time.
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