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Never Fail Toffee

Toffee is defined as a confection made by means of caramelizing sugar or molasses together with butter, and sometimes flour. You heat such mixture until the temperature reaches the hard crack stage of 300 to 310 °F (149 to 154 °C). While being prepared (soft crack stage), toffee is sometimes mixed with nuts or raisins, and in this case, almonds.

The origins of the term “toffee” are not known. However, food writer Harold McGee claims that it was "from the Creole for a mixture of sugar and molasses", but which creole word isn't specified. Quick fun fact, a restaurant in the Cayman Islands is so famous for its sticky toffee pudding they named the street after it.

Here's the recipe! Make it and have it! Share it with friends and loved ones, or be selfish today and have it all to yourself. Haha! It's always your call.
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Cocoa Rum Balls

Since I just stumbled upon a photo of a pin-up girl captioned “I tried to make you a batch of rum balls, but now they’re just balls and I’m drunk,” I decided to make this the recipe of the week because it kind of cracked me up. And I like it when I crack up.

Rum balls are deemed the perfect indulgence for adults. These sweet and chewy no-bake cookies (or candies?) are crushed cookie crumbs, cocoa powder, confectioners’ sugar, light corn syrup (liquid glucose syrup), and rum, all rolled into balls.
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Chewy Chocolate Rolls

Trick-or-treating is a tradition for children on Halloween in a lot of countries. Children go from house to house dressed in costumes and ask for treats like candies. The magical question is "Trick or treat?", with the “trick being a threat to pull naughtiness on the owner of the house if they don’t get their 'treat.'”

Halloween is that sweet time of the year when little kids are allowed to devour the candies they have collected. This treat could be one of them!

Chewy Chocolate Rolls

• 2 tablespoons butter
• 1/2 cup light corn syrup
• 2 ounces chocolate, melted
• 1 teaspoon vanilla
• 3/4 cup powered dry milk
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• 3 cups powdered sugar

Mix together butter, syrup, chocolate, vanilla, powdered milk, and salt. Gradually add powdered sugar; mix and knead. Roll out in 3/4- inch rolls, cut into 2 1/2-inch lengths.Let stand for about one hour, then wrap in plastic wrap.

Happy Halloween! 🙂

Chocolate Christmas Candies

Ah, the air is turning colder, the month ends in "ber", and surely the department stores are already making plans and clearing space for the big displays.  Yes, it's time to talk about Christmas!

As a kid, I was always giddy with butterflies in my stomach every time Christmas time was just around the corner. Who doesn't like Christmas?! Unless, of course, you have this weird idolatry with the Grinch. If that's the case, you better click your way out now. :p
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Deep-Fried Candy Bars

We often crave  something sweet and something that will appeal to our very keen and varying tastes.  Today I am talking about something that may seem unfamiliar or uncommon to you, and it might be just the thing you are looking for.  I am talking about deep-fried candy bars.  Yes, you read right, deep fried candy bars!

The usual batter some chefs or home cooks use for frying dishes like fried chicken, fish, meat, or sausages can also be used for frying these sweet treats. The candy bars must be thoroughly chilled before they undergo the process of being battered. This is done to ensure that the chocolate doesn't melt into a hot, fatty, sticky mess.
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Nutella Sued For False Advertising

Parents should be cautious about their children's health, especially regarding the food they eat on a daily basis.

A popular, spreadable, chocolate-based treat is Nutella, a product that is made by Ferrero Rocher Incorporated.  Have you ever tried Googling the exact ingredients of this product online?  Most people would think a manufacturer would be completely honest with this type of information, but some have sued saying that lapses were made.

The claim is that the company hadn't been entirely truthful regarding their famous and well-selling product. Nutella is said to contain hazelnuts, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, vegetable oil, sugar, soy lecithin, and vanillin.  Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Two mothers have reportedly sued the company because the product was advertised as a healthy food.  They suggest that the nutritional value of the product is suspect.
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Simple Pleasures Lower-Fat Chocolate

You may ask what is better than a breakfast cereal that can also provide that sugar rush you need on a daily basis?  But since you're on this website, I think you and I agree, that there's nothing better than chocolate!

Hersheys Simple PleasuresCandy giant, the Hershey Company, has taken another step into making their chocolates a little bit health friendly while providing the same great taste. They will soon be launching Hershey’s Simple Pleasure, a little cream filled chocolate that will contain up to 30% less fat than other milk chocolates.
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Chocolate Coconut Candies

Chocolate and coconut makes an excellent combination when you want to come up with a delectable chocolate lover's recipe.

This recipe is easy to make and calls for only a few ingredients. These chocolate coconut bites are perfect as a family snack time treat. They're also delightful if you're looking to come up with something that's easy to whip up and serve at parties. Also, they make for a good gift, especially when the person you're giving them to is a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

Coconut, when blended in with chocolate, provides with a deliciously succulent and subtle sensation in the mouth. Whether you're making them to make your children jump for joy or you're aiming to impress people at your office party, you might want to consider this recipe. It’s extremely easy to make as balls or bars.
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Marshmallow Puffs

Marshmallows are perfect for a mug of hot chocolate. Roasting them over an open fire is not too shabby, either. Marshmallows just spell fun.

Let me give you some interesting tidbits about this well-loved treat. Egyptians had their version of this treat through combining grains and honey with the sap of the mallow root. Such mixture was baked into a cake, which was only served to royalty and gods.

The French were held responsible for the marshmallows that we are enjoying today. Candy manufacturers mixed the sap of the mallow with corn syrup and egg whites. Such mixture was individually molded by hand.
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Rocky Road Candy

Just because you are no longer a little kid doesn't mean you can't have those out of the blue candy cravings. It happens to each one of us from time to time. The force may be strong in some people, but others just can't resist the allure of a delectable piece of chocolate candy!

Rocky Road has always been exciting and interesting as it gives you the softness and sponginess of marshmallows, the crunch and subtle saltiness of peanuts, as well as the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of chocolate!

Below is a recipe you can make for yourself or share with your loved ones. Just don't go overboard with the munching, albeit difficult.
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