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Feast of St. Nicholas Equals Chocolate For Children

The Feast of St. Nicholas is on ode to the known patron saint of children. He is also known as Sinterklaas in The Netherlands and other neighboring countries while he is popular as Santa Claus in the United States and other parts of the world. The day of the feast may vary but it is celebrated on the eve of December 5 or the morning thereafter of December 6. Among the many countries that recognize St. Nicholas are Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Luxembourg and, of course, The Netherlands.
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Scream For National Ice Cream Day

Every year, we celebrate several different holidays. Some are simultaneously recognized all over the world while others are exclusive to their respective cities, states or countries. Often, these festivities are dedicated to popular personalities who have made an impact in the society.

However, the most delightful holidays of all celebrate in the name of food. Who would not want that. I know I would. It is something pretty sweet, enjoyed by people of all ages, in all walks of life and in all parts of the world... It is ice cream.

Sunday, July 15, 2012, is National Ice Cream Day. How awesome is that?
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Personalized Chocolates

May and June are months that are typically jam-packed with all sorts of academic graduations, which is yet another accomplishment to be celebrated in life. That said, all graduates deserve some special award for all the efforts they have put in to finish this long journey in their lives. Chocolate Graphics International can deliver to that specific need.

Chocolate Graphics International offers some customized chocolates intended for graduates. Any gift with a personal touch is a sure hit to the recipient. These personalized chocolates use top quality milk chocolate, white chocolate, as well as delectable dark chocolate. The process involves the creation of raised embossed chocolate design, which is way better than simply printing on the chocolate. Not only is it in style, but it also tastes sensational.
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Indulging In Chocolate This Easter

Easter is just around the corner. It wouldn't hurt to treat ourselves in this time of the year to some chocolaty goodness. It can be our way to celebrate the rising of the Son of God. Besides, Easter and chocolate have a sweet link.

In accordance with my blog post yesterday, chocolate eggs are among the symbols of Easter. Quintessentially Foundation is encouraging you to treat yourself with a chocolate egg, of course, for a cause.

This coming Easter, Britain’s Best Chocolatier William Curley will donate 10% of what they will be able to generate from chocolate sales to Quintessentially Foundation. Just quote QFE2012 on the Internet or Quintessentially Foundation when purchasing in store. The proceeds will benefit the charities that Quintessentially Foundation supports this year, namely Maggie's Cancer Care Centres, The Prince's Trust, and War Child.
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Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

The craze about chocolate-covered raisins started in 1927 when Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate Company of Philadelphia first released these delectable treats. Nestle acquired then owner Ward-Johnston, the manufacturers of Raisinets, Bit-O-Honey, and Sno-Caps, just to name a few. Raisinets are made out of sun-ripened California raisins covered in Nestle milk and dark chocolate.

Raisinets have always been a hit to moviegoers. They pair it with popcorn, and they rave about the combination of sweet and salty taste. Some decades back, you could buy a box of Raisinets for a nickel. They used to sell Raisinets by weight from jars in candy stores. These days, you can get single serve pouches for on-the-go snacking, stand-up bags that are perfect for sharing, as well as theater concession boxes.
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Salty Chocolate

Salon du Chocolat, the largest trade fair devoted to chocolate, takes place every November. A unique fashion show is part of the event in which models walk down the runway wearing little but chocolate. Last year, there were chocolate basques and skirts, gowns imbedded with truffles, and even handbags made out of 70% cocoa solids.

The rest of us eat chocolate instead of wearing it, but there will always be a strong connection between chocolate and fashion. Chocolate never goes out of style. However, the forms in which we want to consume it incessantly change.

The latest trend for chocolate is to taste salty. Odd, eh? During the late 90's, chocolate combined with chilli was all the rage. Today, the combination of chocolate and salt seems to be in. It is said to have started around 2003, the time Gerard Coleman of Artisan du Chocolat devised sea-salt caramels which are tiny orbs of salty toffee covered in dark chocolate and dusted in cocoa.
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Chocolate Dinner Supports Audubon Center

The yearly Chocolate Dinner happening on Saturday, March 3, at the Heritage Hotel in Southbury will take you to chocolate heaven. It aims to support the Audubon Center at Bent of the River which is a nature sanctuary in Southbury.

New Morning Market is known for their natural, organic, and environment-friendly food items and wellness products. They will be sending the dinner guests to Mexico, figuratively speaking, with the help of a Mexican Antojito-inspired menu by culinary chef Carol Byer-Alcorace.

The night will be kicked off by a "Cocktail Hour and a Half" in which visitors will be able to socialize, get to see live birds of prey, and savor appetizers--namely chocolate, spinach, and cheese quesadillas. If you happen to be a fan of wines, enjoy the wine tasting which is courtesy of some local vineyards like Hopkins, Walker Road, and White Silo.
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Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Valentine's Day is many things to different people. It can be a shot at new beginnings, rekindling old flames, or a chance to show your special someone how you feel about them. To others, it can be a cold splash of reminder that they are alone on a supposedly lovey-dovey day. No matter what your expectations and reservations about Valentine's Day are, you cannot deny the fact that chocolate is a staple during Valentine's Day.

From the time of the Aztecs, chocolate has always been an effective gift. For a reason not fully known to man, it is, by some means, a magical way to say "I love you." Chocolate is a lot more than just food. A quote from Patrick Skene Catling, the author of the children's book entitled The Chocolate Touch, even says "Other things are just food. But chocolate's chocolate." True enough, even the scientific name of the tree which chocolate has been derived from, Theobroma cacao, translated from Greek, means "food of the gods."
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Southern Ocean County’s Chocolate Week

If you plan on heading to southern Ocean County (in the Long Beach Island region of New Jersey) within February 11 to February 20, 2012, and happen to love chocolate, then you're in for a treat.

Southern Ocean County's Chocolate Week, which is taking place on the dates mentioned above, was developed with that premise, according to Lori Pepenella who is the destination marketing manager for the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce.
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So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and several events are already planned out in celebration of the love season, one of which is the 10th annual Salem's So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival happening on February 10-14.

Chocolate tasting and over fifteen sparkling and humongous ice sculptures are expected in the city center of Salem. Ice Sculpture Themes include the SSU Viking, a crystal snowflake, a single-room room school house, TinTin and Snowy, a dragon, Marilyn Monroe, and the Salem Witch. Huge discounts, along with free chocolate are also to be expected from a lot of many business establishments downtown.
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