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M&M Color Influence In Honey

When a baby is newly born, they say that it can see but only in shades of black and white. As the little one grows bigger, it gets attracted to more vibrant hues. Once school starts, one of the most important lessons taught are the different color schemes.

This just goes to show that colors play a big role in our lives. The same things goes with food. The more variety of colors there is, the more it is pleasing to the eyes and delicious to the taste buds. Which is why a lot of food manufacturing companies maximize this phenomenon. The holds especially true with the candy selling brands.

Imagine how successful the use of color has been for M&M's. Here's a candy that used an effective technique to lure in not just the children, but also those who are young at heart.
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Hershey’s Going All Out for Certified Cocoa

It takes a lot of perseverance to be on top. Whatever aspect you may think of, this thought applies to that. Success, fame and wealth is sweet. Most especially for the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, Hershey’s.

Hershey’s is one of the most well-loved brands. I know I do. It has been on heights and is still soaring up as the years go by.

To add more to its awesomeness, a statement from them released October 3, 2012 stated that by the year 2020, 100 percent of its cocoa will be from certified sources. I can just imagine the overflowing chocolates, but more so the big help in can give to the small scale cocoa farmers of West Africa.
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Rare Chocolate Bars

For the most part, we tend to lean towards fitting in. But some people still love the idea of uniqueness, the kind where you almost always stand out, rare, to be exact. And yes, even chocolates have their own take, as the rarest chocolate in the world is readily available on the shelves of one small store in Wichita, Kansas.

Cocoa Dolce, located in the Bradley Fair shopping center, has claimed to be in possession of a chocolate that has been considered to be already extinct. Most cocoa beans are purple in color, whereas these are white. But more than anything else, its taste has confounded chocolatiers and chocoholics around the world. "We're really excited because we're the exclusive retailer in the state of Kansas for the rarest chocolate in the world," said owner Beth Tully.
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Theo Chocolate Is Expanding

Theo Chocolate is a prominent organic chocolate manufacturer based in the Fremont area of Seattle.  They have recently been able to raise some funds in order to upgrade their equipment and expand factories.  This is in an effort to increase production to cope up with the ever increasing demands from loyal clients and customers.

Theo boasts chocolates that are dubbed "amazing, delicious, mind-bendingly wonderful." But it transcends more than just chocolate to include multitudes of people, lands, dedication, as well as the interrelated relationships.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has openly stated that Theo Chocolate has so far been able to gather up to $500,000 out of its $2 million targeted amount.
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Hershey’s Syrup With A Sprinkle of Violation

Just like everyone else, I go through the toughest of days. I wake up in the morning with my head feeling heavy, and I become as lazy as can be. I encounter all kinds of mishaps all in one day. During those days, I almost think that when God showered the world with bad luck, I was there unknowingly waiting with arms wide open.

Still, I always find a light at the end of the deepest tunnel. Somewhat of a superhero who is ready to rescue me when I am pleading for help. To cut the chase and the poetry lines, a girl like me succumb with sadness and depression only resorts to one thing. And that one thing that effectively fights my battles for me is chocolate.
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Irish As The Biggest Chocoholics

A recent report by Food from Britain shows that the the Irish people have the highest per capita consumption of chocolate globally. Around 24.7 pounds (11.2kg) of chocolate are devoured every year per capita in Ireland.

According to reports, the Irish chocolate market is valued at a staggering $677 million dollars, and places such as Lily O'Briens and Butlers Chocolate Café are reaping some major benefits. Chocolate manufacturers like Nestle, Cadbury, and Rowntree have to be thankful to the Irish chocoholics, as well. The latter should be particularly thankful as they are celebrating their 150th birthday.

Currently, Ireland is Britain’s largest export market for chocolate. Sweet treats that aid in the thriving of business include the British-made Kit-Kat bars.
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Say No To Chocolate-Filled Syringes

Dubai Municipality's Food Control Department was forced to issue a warning when rumors about chocolate-filled medical syringes started circulating in the United Arab Emirates.

Photos of these syringes filled with a chocolate spread by Nutella first started surfacing on social media sites, and some concerns were forwarded to the Dubai Municipality hotline.

Khalid Sherif, Director of Food Control Department, said: "The Ministry of Health confirmed that the medical needles are not clean or sanitized and might be used in hospitals to take blood or inject medicine," He also added: "We strongly advise the public to purchase food products from authorized establishments only as they get approval for all food items, apart from the periodical check up by the civic body."
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Part-time Rower, Part-time Chocolate Maker

Many of us have dreams. For some, those dreams include the Olympics.

Will Newell is a world class rower who trains much of his time at the Oklahoma City High Performance Center in the Devon Boathouse and Olympic Qualifier.  He pointed out that  many countries around the world provide their athletes with provisions that are much higher compared to United States athletes.  That means the U.S. athletes have to find a way to make a living.

The Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation sponsors athletes and helps them find jobs and housing while training as Olympic athletes.  Newell and his fellow athlete Robin Prendes are currently members of a four lightweight crew.  They have earned their way to the 2012 Olympics and are currently working part-time for Devon Energy.
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Mars Chocolate Meets Cocoa Supply Needs

One of the most prominent chocolate manufacturers around the world is Mars Chocolate. It has recently announced that it is keeping up with its 2009 pledge to purchase 100% of their cocoa from certified sustainable sources by 2020.

The company recently revealed that it successfully purchased 10 percent of its cocoa reserves as a certified sustainable source in 2011 (as certified by the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ) .

In 2012 it expects to  exceed their target of 20 percent, establishing themselves as the largest user of certified cocoa in the world. Solely based upon current purchasing trends and deals, the company has envisioned that they can purchase up to 90,000 tons of certified cocoa from sources all over the globe this year.
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Durango’s Chocolate in Asia

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has been a forerunner in the confectionery business. The company is based in the famous town of Durango which is located in the western area of the Rockies in southwestern Colorado. It manufactures a line of quality chocolates to supply the many franchises it owns, and delivers via their refrigerated trucks.

Now, many chocolate aficionados in Japan will be treated to the famous Durango chocolates. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has planned to expand into Asia; particularly Japan, Hong Kong, and China.
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