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Mini Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cakes

Aside from chocolate chip cookies, I have this deep undying love for thin mint cookies! These are thin, mint-flavored chocolate wafers dipped in a chocolate coating. I tend to exclusively associate them with the cute little Girl Scouts, so when I happened to come across this recipe, I was delighted! I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.

This is how it was diligently described: "Like a Thin Mint cookie and an ice cream cake had a delicious baby, these single-serving cakes are a delight to the eye and to the mouth! Fluffy dairy-free chocolate cake is sandwiched around creamy mint chip coconut milk ice cream, coated with crunchy peppermint-infused chocolate, and topped with whipped coconut cream. A bite-sized treat perfect for parties, no one will believe you when you say they’re dairy free."

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Chocolate-flecked Layer Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting

How many times have you bought ready-made meals or desserts from a store? Have you thought about the many advantages of making your own?

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that homemade dishes are, at all times, better. With the exception of some ethnic foods, homemade is the way to go.

Case in point: cakes!

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Dairy-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Now that the temperatures are cooling down, time to reflect.  How was your summer? Anything brag-worthy? Or at least sharing with fellow chocoholics?

In case you traveled or went for any type of adventure, do you have some souvenirs with you? Share about all the fun stuff that kept you busy and thrilled last summer.

In the meantime, here’s an additional item for your happy list!

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Coffee Chocolate Tarts

Planning a party and running out of food ideas? Or, do you want something to whip up for your friends who plan on coming over this weekend? This recipe will definitely be on for the books!

You can make use of metal pastry rings for the tarts placed on a baking tray lined with baking paper. You can buy them at kitchenware stores. You can also find chocolate short-crust pastry at specialty food stores and delicatessens.

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Peanut Butter Banana Brownie Pizza

Pizza, along with cheeseburgers, is my weakness. However bad it is, it's still pretty good! Haha but since chocolate is our superstar, we might as well roll them into one.

Sweet treats are everywhere, and they never fail to sweep people off their feet. We just can't get enough of it that even savory dishes, like pizza, have their chocolate-y counterparts.

Instead of using vegetables to make the pizza filling and topping, you go for sweet ingredients. The young ones will surely have a blast!

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Pistachio Swirl Fudge

I was browsing my social networking accounts when I stumbled upon this photo of pistachio nuts. I suddenly remembered how I was obsessed with pistachios some years back.

Every time I crave them, and pistachio nuts are nowhere to be found, I almost always throw temper tantrums. Haha, no, really. For the most part, I go haywire when I can't have my chocolate fix, but there was a point in my life when pistachios would make or break my day.

Enough with that. Before I share a recipe that features my beloved pistachio nuts, here are some fun facts you want to know!

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Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Ball

Nothing beats a homemade treat. The thought of the person you love going through all the effort just to please you on a once-in-a-year event is heavenly enough, the scrumptiousness of the gift is just a bonus.

I don't know about you, but Valentine's Day is a big deal to me. Every 14th of February, I always make it a point to do something worth remembering, worth seeing on photos. No, actually, just worth remembering. It doesn't have to be grandiose, though, just memorable.

However, my Valentine's Day always comes with a treat, be it food, flowers, or sweet treats. Yes, this year, I will be big on sweet treats! While I have a couple weeks left to wait, it's good to have it planned by now. I'm not big on spontaneity, I like planning, so here goes a recipe which I might have to include in my Valentine's Day "plan". 🙂
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Coconut Pecan Brownies

Let me feed your brain first, OK? The term “coconut,” is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. The term was derived from the word “coco,” meaning “monkey face.” This is allegedly because Portuguese and Spanish explorers found a resemblance between a monkey’s face and the base of a coconut.

Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm, scientifically known as cocos nucifera, and the word nucifera means "nut-bearing." The fruit-bearing palms are native to Malaysia, Polynesia, and southern Asia, and are now also abundant in South America, India, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii and Florida.
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Chocolate Filled Bon Bons

What’s a bon-bon, you may ask? According to Wikipedia, the term bon-bon pertains to sweets, especially small candies, which are covered in chocolate.

Story has it that these treats' origins can be traced back to the 17th century. Supposedly, they were served at the French royal court. The term was derived from the duplication of the word 'bon,' which means 'good.' Today, particularly in European languages, such term pertains to all candies or small confections.
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Frozen Chocolate Banana

New Year almost always comes with new hope, at least for most of us. Some people think New Year's resolutions are ridiculous, while others believe these give them a clean slate. With such, they get to have a fresh new start on whatever aspect of their lives it could be. Among the things that many people want to change every start of the year is their diet.

We all know how crazy our food choices could get during the Holidays, and it never fails to make many of us feel guilty and anxious come January, when their weight starts shooting up. Many of us opt for detoxification, and this recipe might come in handy since you wouldn’t want to deprive yourself of your sweet-tooth cravings. Of course, moderation is key.
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