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Whipped Cream Chocolate Frosting Recipe

The usual frosting types I stumble upon are too sweet for my taste. I'd rather choose a nice whipped cream chocolate frosting instead. Adding extra cocoa powder makes it even better, and suits my discriminating taste! This recipe will add an extra special topping to any dessert. It's simple, yet delectable!

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Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Recipe

Here is a recipe of a great chocolate hazelnut cake that you, your friends and family will absolutely enjoy. It's stunningly delicious and a breeze to prepare. It is moist, not overly sweet, and packed with chocolate and hazelnut flavor.
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Broiled Banana Chocolate Pudding Recipe

I always (ALWAYS!) need dessert. Period. As much as I can, though, I now try to go for desserts that use simple, whole-food ingredients that are naturally sweet and creamy. This recipe for banana chocolate pudding is one of my favorite go-to healthy desserts.
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White Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

White Chocolate is something I’ve been obsessed with lately. I was late to the white chocolate party, but I’ve finally hopped on the bandwagon.

I’ve been enjoying putting white chocolate in a variety of treats. I’ve made cupcakes with it and even pudding. Always a success! Um, I mean almost always! Where’s the fun in not failing a little, right?
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Congo Bars Recipe

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for any length of time, it would be pretty obvious I like baking. I can cook and make a more than decent meal alright, but without my precious butter, sugar, flour, and eggs, I’d be incomplete. Without chocolate, I’m lost and alone.
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Chocolate Raisin Bars Recipe

Dessert is something else in our household. We have it every single night. Don’t judge just yet! It’s not all that bad. Every night following dinner, we have a small serving of dessert for each person. Portion control, errbody. Just enough to satisfy our undying devotion to dessert sans the worry and guilt.
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Hot Fudge Sundae Cake

Hot Fudge Sundae Cake Recipe

Being a self-confessed chocolate addict, I’m always on the lookout for remarkable chocolaty treats. This one, however, was shared with me by my sister. Aware of the fact that I’m obsessed with chocolate, she sends me treats and recipes from time to time.
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Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies Recipe

As a kid, I grew up not so fond of meringue cookies. The ones my mother got from the store always reminded me of Styrofoam. I always thought they didn’t have enough flavor to even bother with.

Then, in the past few years, I started playing around with chocolate left overs. Those combined with some egg whites would always make a meringue cookie worth drooling over. They have a great texture and deep chocolate flavor.
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Chunky Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding, to me, will always be dreamy. Something I will always be willing to spare some space for in my stomach even after a pretty heavy meal. This chunky version, the one I sifted through dozens and dozens just to get that oomph I’ve always been yearning for, is chocolaty but not too heavy, indulgent yet not overly rich.

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Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies

I have been using my oven more than I usually do, but I ain’t complaining! This dessert is outrageously decadent & comforting any day of the week.

Moist fudge brownies with marshmallows. It’s not a true “brownie”, though, it’s a blondie!  Stopping while there’s still some left in your plate is almost impossible! It’s sooo rich, so a glass of milk or coffee might come in handy!
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