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Low-calorie Chocolate Tea, Anyone?

Twins Jodi and Stella Kean initially planned on having a tea bar, but when such plan didn't come about, they started their own novelty tea business.

"When the lease on the shop fell through we came up with the idea for choclateas. I don't think people realize how many calories and how much sugar is in a cup of hot chocolate. We wanted to create something that felt like a treat but was healthy," the Daily Express quoted Stella as saying.

They found a tea supplier and worked with an array of different flavors to come up with their tea containing fewer than 20 calories per cup. Last December, the twins were given start-up loans of 5,500 pounds. Melissa Middleton, who has plenty of businesses in the Newscastle area, also became their mentor.

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Hot Chocolate

Winter is coming. Dang. That felt so good! I‘ve been wanting to say that and actually mean it since I just recently hopped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. If you happen to be as crazy about the series as I am, telepathically highfive me!

Again, winter is coming. It will get nippier by the minute outside. Wouldn’t it be nice to just stay in the house and feel all snuggly with a cup of good ol' hot chocolate in tow? And a good book wouldn’t be so bad, either.
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Chocolate Milk Shake

Basic doesn't necessarily equal plain. Nothing beats the taste and texture of a good chocolate milkshake. When it's good, it's good. When it's not, it's still good! Do I even make sense? It's perfect with a greasy cheeseburger, but it goes well with even a gourmet meal.

A milkshake is described as a sweet, cold drink made out of milk, iced milk or ice cream, and sweeteners or flavorings such as fruit syrup or our favorite, chocolate sauce.

Preparing this tasty and simple chocolate milkshake offers a good chance to get your kids involved.  They will surely enjoy doing the drizzling of the sauce, making some mess, and observing the colors as they change. Why of course, they will enjoy having it after all the preparation!  And, here's a reduced calorie version so you can have without guilt too!
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Chocolate Mint Oreo® Drink

Summer is just around the next corner. And what better way to beat the heat than downing a cold, tall glass of chocolate!

This chocolate drink recipe gives you the delectable flavor of chocolate, the coolness of mint, and the mouth-feel of crushed Oreos. All the flavors combined will send shivers down your spine!

The minty goodness you get from the candies and liqueurs mix perfectly well with the chocolate from the crushed Oreo cookies, and the result is lip-smacking good!
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Chocolate Wine

Andrew Browne, founder of chocolate wine, said: "We thought the market would be female and young, but we’ve found that it has much broader appeal," Be it men or women, and even older and experienced wine lovers, people are raving about the product.

The Chocolate Shop is a brand owned by Washington-based Precept Wine. It was introduced January last year in the U.S. with the use of a Bordeaux blend coming from California, with some sugar and natural chocolate added.

"We called it the chocolate lover's wine," says Browne. In the UK, it was released last November. Here the product would be classified as an "aromatised wine-based drink".
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Chocolate Yogurt Ice

Yogurt is widely used across the globe nowadays, and we know all too well that it's a renowned health food. It derived its name from the Turkish word "yogurur", meaning "long life".

Research has it that a cup of plain yogurt, which is around 240 mg, purportedly contains 140 calories. Not so bad for a tasty treat, eh?

More to these, regular consumption of yogurt is said to have several health benefits, and among those is that it aids in better absorption of the nutrients you get from other food.

It is a highly nutritious food on its own, containing numerous health benefits that include protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.
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Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate

Chocolate, a native to Mexico, has been a staple there for centuries already. Initially, they enjoyed chocolate as a drink. They made variations og chocolate by incorporating different flavors and ingredients such as honey, spices, and nuts, among many others. The chocolate beverages they made did not have a sweet taste to them. Nevertheless, it was well-loved by the Aztec and Mayan royalty.

The Aztecs were whipping up and enjoying their hot chocolate drinks when the Spaniards arrived. They took the cacao beans along with them as they headed home, and started enhancing the flavors by adding milk and sugar.  You can trace the roots of the hot chocolate drink recipe back to that. Shortly thereafter, chocolate became all the rage in European royal places. Special china pots and cups were produced, intended only for drinking hot chocolate. Nowadays, such kitchenware are considered as collectors’ items and can sell for a fortune if they come in a complete set.
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Chocolate Mint Drink

Chocolate and mint always make a good pair. I guess it's safe to say by now you already know some significant tidbits about chocolate. Let me shine some light on you about mint this time.

Mint flavor is extracted from mint leaves that have a rather powerful scent, and available all through the year. Its leaves are typically green, but there are some that are purple, blue, and yellow in color. The plant can grow to approximately 120cm tall.

Mint leaves can be used to repel mosquitoes and as a medicine to soothe the stomach.  While sometimes used even in beauty products, mint is mostly utilized in the culinary department. It is often used in beverages, syrups, ice cream, and chocolate candies.
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The Medicinal Use of Chocolate

Chocolate has a long history of use in treating several ailments such as reducing anemia, stopping the progress of diarrhea, relieving an overworked brain, and soothing an upset stomach.

It is commonly used in helping emaciated patients gain weight and stimulating the nervous systems of the physically weak by allegedly strengthening the lungs and energizing them. Yes, chocolate is that significant in traditional medicine.

Chocolate drinks with added coconut milk and onion were used in the Dominican Republic to lessen common cold symptoms. Sounds a bit odd, I know.
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The Love-Hate Thing With Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk has been creating significant buzz lately. I even got the chance to blog about how it was being recommended as the treat of choice this past Halloween. It’s also a well-loved "sports drink" by many athletes and they have it mostly after exercise.

Chocolate Milk (12-pack of 8 oz cartons)

lowfat, no corn syrup

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