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Chocolate Romance in 18th Century France

There is a lovely little story on BBC.com featuring a man’s adventure into one of the best-known French chocolate shops in Lyon.

In this shop is where master chocolatier Monsieur Bernachon continues the French tradition of creating papillotes, which are chocolate bars filled with salted caramel, or stuffed with nuts and dried fruits soaked in Grand Marnier.

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Feast of St. Nicholas Equals Chocolate For Children

The Feast of St. Nicholas is on ode to the known patron saint of children. He is also known as Sinterklaas in The Netherlands and other neighboring countries while he is popular as Santa Claus in the United States and other parts of the world. The day of the feast may vary but it is celebrated on the eve of December 5 or the morning thereafter of December 6. Among the many countries that recognize St. Nicholas are Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Luxembourg and, of course, The Netherlands.
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Black & White Cheesecake

Did you know that National Cheesecake Day is an unofficial holiday that takes place annually every 30th of July?

Such tradition, which is actually part of a large tradition of an array of food holidays, is not authorized by any presidents. Also, it sadly doesn't possess any congressional records to back its claim up.

However, we know all too well that thousands, or perhaps millions, of individuals from across the country have their own reasons to celebrate this delectable holiday anyway.
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The Chocolate Egg-Laying Easter Bunny

Easter is our chance for renewal and rebirth. It is the holiday where we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. And, adding to the happiness we feel, is the fact that we also get our annual chance to have a visit from the infamous bunny and his heaps of Easter candy.

Contrary to popular belief, bunnies do not lay eggs. 🙂 Also, they don't have anything to do with how chocolate eggs are produced. However, we just seem to be huge fans of associating rabbits and eggs. Why did we even think that the Easter Bunny lays chocolate eggs?

How these two Easter symbols originated can be traced to some centuries back, and they have just drastically evolved as time passed by. The Easter Bunny and Easter eggs both started out symbolizing fertility. They surface when celebrating the arrival of spring. Like the majority of creatures, rabbits breed the most in the spring. Also, they are remarkable procreators. That's practically the reason why these lovely animals were used as a symbol of fertility.
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Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

The craze about chocolate-covered raisins started in 1927 when Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate Company of Philadelphia first released these delectable treats. Nestle acquired then owner Ward-Johnston, the manufacturers of Raisinets, Bit-O-Honey, and Sno-Caps, just to name a few. Raisinets are made out of sun-ripened California raisins covered in Nestle milk and dark chocolate.

Raisinets have always been a hit to moviegoers. They pair it with popcorn, and they rave about the combination of sweet and salty taste. Some decades back, you could buy a box of Raisinets for a nickel. They used to sell Raisinets by weight from jars in candy stores. These days, you can get single serve pouches for on-the-go snacking, stand-up bags that are perfect for sharing, as well as theater concession boxes.
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Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Valentine's Day is many things to different people. It can be a shot at new beginnings, rekindling old flames, or a chance to show your special someone how you feel about them. To others, it can be a cold splash of reminder that they are alone on a supposedly lovey-dovey day. No matter what your expectations and reservations about Valentine's Day are, you cannot deny the fact that chocolate is a staple during Valentine's Day.

From the time of the Aztecs, chocolate has always been an effective gift. For a reason not fully known to man, it is, by some means, a magical way to say "I love you." Chocolate is a lot more than just food. A quote from Patrick Skene Catling, the author of the children's book entitled The Chocolate Touch, even says "Other things are just food. But chocolate's chocolate." True enough, even the scientific name of the tree which chocolate has been derived from, Theobroma cacao, translated from Greek, means "food of the gods."
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So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and several events are already planned out in celebration of the love season, one of which is the 10th annual Salem's So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival happening on February 10-14.

Chocolate tasting and over fifteen sparkling and humongous ice sculptures are expected in the city center of Salem. Ice Sculpture Themes include the SSU Viking, a crystal snowflake, a single-room room school house, TinTin and Snowy, a dragon, Marilyn Monroe, and the Salem Witch. Huge discounts, along with free chocolate are also to be expected from a lot of many business establishments downtown.
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Chocolate Milk on Halloween

It’s nothing different from the regular white milk, only cocoa-flavored! It has the same nine essential nutrients but with a taste children dearly love. To have a healthier celebration of Halloween this year, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) which created ‘Got Milk?’ is encouraging families across all California to make chocolate milk the treat of choice on Oct. 31, instead of the usual unhealthy counterparts. Got Milk?, by the way, is an American advertising campaign encouraging the use of cow's milk. The campaign has been recognized as of great help in milk sales in California.

A little piece of candy here and there may not be harmful, but an average Jack-O-Lantern bucket pretty much holds about 250 pieces of candy, which altogether approximately totals 9,000 calories and have about three pounds of sugar. Imagine that going into your system. Even for adults, it’s a heck of a lot!
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Chocolate Easter Bunnies

I know it is absolutely nowhere near Easter, but it just feels right to share this info on the spur of the moment. C’mon now, cut me some slack! 🙂

For starters, Easter is known as the most sacred Christian holiday of the year. Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion is celebrated on Easter Day or Easter Sunday.

Did you know that ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year? No child's Easter basket is ever complete without a chocolate Easter bunny or two. But how did Easter get mixed up with a rabbit? Where did that come in?
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Day of the Dead

Did you know that in Mexico, chocolate is used to make offerings during the Day of the Dead festival? This particular fiesta acts as a commemoration to pay tribute and honor all the deceased members of the family. Chocolate and sweets are important components of the festival. People give each other skulls made of chocolate or sugar. The Day of the Dead fete is celebrated throughout the country on the 1st and 2nd of November.

As morose as it may sound, it is in fact a cheerful occasion where departed loved ones are reminisced. Some families even construct altars dedicated to the dead relatives. The altars are filled with flowers, candles, wooden skulls and photos of the dead. The families celebrate and bring to mind the deceased members by eating the favorite foods of those passed. The specific foods that are specially eaten in this celebration are pan de muerto which is a skull-shaped bread and Calabaza en Tacha which is a dessert made with sweet pumpkin, cinnamon, and piloncillo, dark sugar cones.
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