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Behold The Holographic Chocolates

Typically, a single bite of chocolate can already leave your tastebuds in decadent frenzy. But there’s now a process available in making these dark, dulcet morsels look as beautiful as they taste.

If you want to know an example of a hologram, just reach for your wallet. You will see holograms on your driver’s license and credit cards, among others. If you don’t have these, just look around your home. They're in CD’s, DVD’s, software packaging, and almost everything sold as "official merchandise."
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Low-calorie Chocolate Tea, Anyone?

Twins Jodi and Stella Kean initially planned on having a tea bar, but when such plan didn't come about, they started their own novelty tea business.

"When the lease on the shop fell through we came up with the idea for choclateas. I don't think people realize how many calories and how much sugar is in a cup of hot chocolate. We wanted to create something that felt like a treat but was healthy," the Daily Express quoted Stella as saying.

They found a tea supplier and worked with an array of different flavors to come up with their tea containing fewer than 20 calories per cup. Last December, the twins were given start-up loans of 5,500 pounds. Melissa Middleton, who has plenty of businesses in the Newscastle area, also became their mentor.

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Luxury Chocolates in Developed Markets

Considering the chocolate-lovers phenomenon, it's no wonder why chocolate gift boxes make the perfect present for almost anybody. Experts have expressed that chocolate makers have to invest in luxury and premium chocolates in order to help sales boom in well-developed markets.

The global chocolate market is estimated to be around US$107 billion for 2012 according to Euromonitor data.

A senior foods analyst from Euromonitor International, Francisco Redruello, has stated that manufacturers in the developed markets have to focus on quality while increasing investment and innovation.  The only possible exception to the quality focus would be in the U.S. and Germany where there's much greater price consciousness.
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Chocolates In Photos?

Tell it straight to my face that you hate chocolate all you will get is a hearty laugh. I mean seriously, how on earth can a sane person not want that sweet delight melting in their mouths? Come on, you have got to be kidding me. With all the delectable flavors to choose from, with all those cute shapes and pretty boxes to boot, how can anyone resist? Please, tell me.

With chocolate maintaining its popularity over the centuries, there is one thing that’s still taking baby steps and is on the verge of reaching heights...

Instagram, oh you trending Instagram, is an application available on the internet and all mobile phones with Internet access, that enables a person to upload photos and share stories to people over the web.
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From Diamonds To Chocolate

Designer Azature Pogosian, the jewelry designer who has black diamonds as a specialty, is all the rage in Hollywood. Hollywood A-listers such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Fergier, Scarlett Johansson, and Miley Cyrus, among others, have been seen sporting his designs down the red carpet.

In 2007, he was able to launch his upmarket jewelries and has added an up-to-date fashion jewelry line, AZ by Azature, which you can get for $50-$850. In Houston, for a showcase of his collection at the St. Regis Hotel through Saturday,  "The Black Diamond King" has also ventured into the chocolaty world. The designer has recently launched a high-end line of black-diamond pralines hand-made out of the rare "Wild Treasure" cocoa bean.
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Bring Home the Chocolate-Covered Bacon!

Ed Gotwalt, the owner of Mister Ed's Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium based in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania, recently introduced the phenomenon of meat and chocolate in his store. He started serving chocolate covered bacon about a month ago.  Since then he's been keeping his supply up, ordering 25 to 50 pounds nearly every week.

According to Gotwalt, it has been so much of a rage that their supply is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. Their store’s sign says "Bring home the bacon to Dad. It's covered in chocolate." That seems to be pulling people into the store. "Dad always bring home the bacon. Now you can bring home the bacon for Dad, and it's chocolate covered," he said.
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Deep-Fried Candy Bars

We often crave  something sweet and something that will appeal to our very keen and varying tastes.  Today I am talking about something that may seem unfamiliar or uncommon to you, and it might be just the thing you are looking for.  I am talking about deep-fried candy bars.  Yes, you read right, deep fried candy bars!

The usual batter some chefs or home cooks use for frying dishes like fried chicken, fish, meat, or sausages can also be used for frying these sweet treats. The candy bars must be thoroughly chilled before they undergo the process of being battered. This is done to ensure that the chocolate doesn't melt into a hot, fatty, sticky mess.
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Breathable Chocolate

Avid chocolate lovers and chocoholics will surely love this recent advancement in the chocolate industry... the ability to enjoy chocolate without any trace of calories!

An aerosol container that is shaped as a lipstick is now being used to spray minute particles of dark chocolate into the mouth which provides the sweet pleasure of the real thing while providing zero calories.

People who are on a rigid diet may also find the simple taste to have an effect on their appetite. Recently, a Harvard professor who goes by the name of David Edwards has invented an aerosol type spray call Le Whif.  He indicated that we only need a little amount of chocolate for us to have our tastebuds satisfied.
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Chocolate Lingerie

It started out with a rather simple idea. It's Valentine's Day, and your better half is going to bring home some chocolate treats for you. That's almost always the case, even for the founder of Decadence, Audrey Romanski. We are all just hanging around thinking how to lose some weight, so she was able to come up with the idea of chocolate lingerie. Instead of surprising your wife with a box of ordinary and unsurprising chocolates, why not give her some chocolate lingerie?

The proprietor, Romanski, started with this business a few years ago, just operating from her home in Forestdale Avenue situated in Kinnelon, New Jersey, which incidentally is still the main headquarters up to this point in time.
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3D Chocolate Printing

The concept of 3D printing is not a new concept.  It involves layer by layer printing of three-dimensional objects.  Printing plastic-like 3D objects is a commonplace. Why not print 3D food items, right?

The concept of a 3D chocolate printer is not the latest one, either. The ideas has been around since 2007. However, it is still working its magic.

The reason why this quirky 3D chocolate printer is creating a buzz lately is because the masterminds at Choc Edge finally made it available to the masses. It's called Choc Creator Version 1.  It's really cool, but not priced for home use.
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