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Super-Dad Writes To Cadbury About Chocolate

October 28th was National Chocolate Day!

I hope you took a moment to enjoy your favorite chocolate bar, make a fun recipe, or have that first seasonal cup of hot cocoa.

Today, I'm sharing this adorable story of a dad-to-be, his pregnant girlfriend, and her severe chocolate cravings.

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Will It Chocolate? Funny Video Friday!

Good morning, and Happy Friday from CUO!

As you know, we're all fun and games in the world of chocolate. Today, we bring you a video that has an extra dose of funny chocolate humor.

This video is a gem. It made me literally LOL!

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Detroit Largest Box of Chocolates CUO

World Record Box of Chocolate!

How long is the world’s longest box of chocolates?

Well, as of recent history, it’s 313 feet!

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Chocolate Vanilla Chip Biscotti Recipe CUO

Chocolate Vanilla Chip Biscotti Recipe

Autumn has lovely weather for enjoying some espresso and biscotti. Like peanut butter and jam, some things simply pair well together.

Chocolate Recipe CUO

You can curl up with a fall-festive plaid blanket and delight in this tasty biscotti recipe.

Backwards from the tradition of added chocolate chips, this recipe melds a cocoa base with vanilla chips for a unique and comforting taste.

Perfect with your favorite cup o' Joe!

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Death By Chocolate Cake Recipe CUO

Death by Chocolate Cake Recipe

I can't imagine another scenario where the reader of "death by..." is delighted to hear the end of that sentence.

Chocolate Recipe CUO

This observation alone tells us so much about the power of chocolate in our lives!

If the question is death by chocolate cake, anyone? It's all "jolly good!" And, "I'll have two!"

Joking aside, what better dessert to serve for your Halloween party guests!

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Pumpkin and Chocolate Recipes CUO

12 Perfect Chocolate and Pumpkin Recipes

It's Autumn, or for us here in the U.S. it's "fall", because leaves fall down. 😉

But all joking aside, isn't it just the loveliest time of year? This is my favorite season, mainly because I get to break out my cozy sweaters and tall boots...

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Chocolate Beer Guide CUO

Chocolate Beers to Taste and Love

Is there really anything that doesn't taste better with chocolate?

Beer is no different.

Inspired by our German friends, here's to a happy choc-toberfest! Who's with me?!

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Boston Brownie Recipe CUO

Chocolate Boston Brownies Recipe

Registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon is officially open!Chocolate Recipe CUO

Since Monday of this week, the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) began accepting registrations for next year's 120th Boston Marathon, set to take place on April 18th, 2016.

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Q&A CUO Chocolate Survey Results

CUO Chocolate Survey Results!

We asked, and you answered.

The results are in for our CUO Chocolate Survey, and I'm excited to share them with you!

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Chocolate Chip Bread Machine Recipe CUO

Chocolate Chip Bread Machine Recipe

It's one of our most basic human food groups - wheat. Chocolate Recipe CUO

We've planted, harvested, and eaten wheat arguably since the dawn of cooking. 

For thousands upon thousands of years, we have depended upon this incredible plant to feed ourselves and our livestock...

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