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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Many studies indicate that chocolate is a healthy food, but not all chocolate is created equal. The health benefits of chocolate are found in the cocoa content, so low-cocoa chocolate foods will have little beneficial effects.

In addition to lacking sufficient amounts of cocoa, white and milk chocolate also contain more sugar, further diluting the health benefits of cocoa.

A dark chocolate bar of at least 70% cocoa is best if you’re going for health and for flavor—though you may wish to go darker if you have an adventurous palate.

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How To Fully Enjoy Your Chocolate

"Mindful eating goes beyond eating," said Lilian Cheung, a registered dietitian, co-author of Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life, and director of health promotion and communication at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts.

You can easily be more mindful if you opt for high-quality chocolate and check the label before buying. You can get an instant idea regarding the sweetness or bitterness of chocolate by understanding the chocolate to sugar ratio.

"If you buy chocolate with a higher cocoa content, it will be less sweet," said Stephen Durfee, a pastry chef instructor at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, in St. Helena, California. "You will get more of the natural flavor of chocolate."

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Chocolate Facts You Want To Know

Always be choosy with the chocolate you eat. Chocolate is known to be packed with nutrients, but to be able to get its substantial benefits, we must know what we're eating.

Chocolates that have at least 70% cocoa are the best ones, considering the higher the cocoa content, the more nutritious. Your chocolate is also better off non- or lightly alkalized or non-dutched. While milk and white chocolate are head-tilting good, they don’t offer as much healthy flavanols as dark chocolate does.

If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate, fret not. It's actually an acquired taste, and you can develop it by slowly increasing percentage of cocoa in the chocolates you eat. As a matter of fact, there are milk chocolates with 50 percent cocoa or more available in the market now.
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Chocolate makes snails smarter?

There have been lots of rumors and talks about foods that are designed to enhance brain functions. And this has taken the world’s imagination by storm. If you happen to type the word "superfood" and search for it in the internet, you will be surprised to see many and diverse websites that are dedicated to this topic.

A dedicated group of researchers from the University of Calgary has become fascinated and curious about how certain dietary factors can really have an effect on memory, either impairing or enhancing it. Initially Ken Lukowiak was very skeptical regarding this matter. He stated,  "I didn’t think any of this stuff would work."
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The ‘Emotional’ Benefits of Chocolate

Many experts have advertised that it takes only a spoonful of chocolate to send a person into a sense of bliss and ecstasy.  This may sound like it's a bit of  an exaggeration, but recent research shows that certain foods can affect people's mood similarly to prescription medications.

Naturally occurring chemicals in foods can be considered as a smart and safe choice rather than having to take pills for mood enhancement. I personally believe that it is just wise and healthy to go 'green' and natural in the food we consume. Aside from the many benefits it brings, it also assures us of no harmful synthetic chemicals entering our bodies.

The Torrey Pines Institute of Molecular Studies located in California conducted a study of the effects of more than 1,700 commonly occurring substances that are present in everyday foods. The fact that chocolate is known to have a 'positive' boosting effect on people's mood made it a good candidate for further scrutiny in the study.
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Chocolate for an Ageless Mind

People have that bad habit of denying the fact that they are getting older. But sorry to burst your bubble... A quick reality check suggests that you are not getting younger anymore.

Well, you the consolation that no one else on this planet is getting younger either. We all go through the same process. No one gets a VIP pass or a special treatment. That is just the way it rolls.

As much as you want to remain at your current number, no one ages backwards for Pete’s sake. To not reveal your real age may come off as a routine position, but at the end of the day, the joke is still on you.
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Dark Chocolate for Kids?

If it's sweet, kids will eat it.  Make that sweetness chocolate, and it's gone without even thinking about it.  For most kids that's true even if it's dark chocolate (except, strangely for our son, who loves milk chocolate and won't touch dark chocolate).

Dark chocolate often in the news for its heart healthy consequences, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in adults.  Now someone has finally asked the question, "is dark chocolate healthy for children?"
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Take Chocolate to the Gym

Regular consumption of chocolate has been recently linked to healthy weight, based on a study involving 1,000 adults done at the University of California at San Diego.

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, who led the research which is published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, said: "People have just assumed that because it comes with calories and it’s typically eaten as a sweet… it would inherently have been one way: bad.”

1,000 mostly middle-aged adults participated in the research.  They had their dose of exercise three times a week and their dose of chocolate twice a week. People who had more frequent ingestion of chocolate usually had lower body mass indexes.
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Magnesium-Loaded Cocoa Beans

Maintaining a good health can be particularly tricky in this day and age. With all the processed and cholesterol-loaded food available in the market, it gets all the harder especially when the less healthy stuff is a more accessible and affordable option.

Having healthy foods as a staple in your diet is key. Cocoa beans, for one, pack a lot of nutritional benefits. Did you know that the cocoa bean is the richest source of magnesium in nature? You read right. What is magnesium, by the way?

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a significant role in your health, and it's actually contained in several parts of your body. To enable your body to absorb the ingested calcium properly, there should be enough magnesium available. A lot of individuals take calcium supplements and fail to realize that magnesium is required for optimal calcium absorption. That being said, you can consume cocoa along with the calcium supplements that you are taking.
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Pineapple Chocolate Cake

I've said it a thousand times. Chocolate cakes are precious all their own, but they get all the more interesting when you add something into the recipe. In this one, we'll be throwing in some pineapples.

Pineapple's natural tang and sweetness catch the fancy of many. Aside from the pleasure it gives to the palate, it is known to be the one of healthiest fruits. The perks you get from eating pineapples include lowering your chances of getting hypertension, maintaining your good eye health, and boosting your immune system.

Pineapples are also very efficient in dealing with your constipation plus it aids in weight loss and gives you beautiful skin as well! Try whipping up this delectable chocolate cake with the yumminess of pineapple to have a different kind of eating pleasure.
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