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Wine and Chocolate 101: Pairing Advice

Chocolate is a treat that many people desire and love to indulge in. It goes with many things, including wine, but needs to be paired accordingly for the best flavours to really come from the combination.

If you’re a wine and chocolate lover but you’ve never really experimented with both together, this expert guide will give you the best pairing advice for both wine and chocolate so you can gain a better tasting experience.

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Chocolaterie ICKX – Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins

Chocolaterie Ickx makes Belgian seasonal chocolate box novelties sold to high end department stores and chocolate shops.  The company was founded in the 1970s, primarily making pralines. Eventually, the growth of the company led to the building of a new chocolate factory in Essen, Belgium.

My family received a box of Belgian Chocolate Pumpkins as a gift for Halloween. The autumn collection has four varieties: Salted Carmel (Milk Chocolate), Chocolate Crème (Dark Chocolate), Pecan Praline (White Chocolate), and Pumpkin Ganache (Spiced Confectionery Coating).

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Interview CUO Chocolate Expert

Interview with CUO’s own Bryn Kirk

We'll get right to it in this post, as there's quite a bit of content.

In an exclusive interview, I asked our own chocolate expert and head of CUO's online chocolate classes, Bryn Kirk, 12 interesting questions about chocolate!

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White Chocolate Chips CUO Recipes

Wacky White Chocolate Recipe Roundup

Tired of searching for white chocolate recipes?

We've gathered every white chocolate recipe ever posted on Chocolate University Online, and some favorites from around the world wide web! 

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white chocolate butter cream frosting recipe CUO

White Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting Recipe

Chocolate University Online Recipe CUO

Mmm... butter.

Nature's second-best gift to mankind (second to CHOCOLATE, of course!)

My grandpa lived to be 100 years old and ate real butter his whole life.

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Peanut Butter White Chocolate Candy Dreams

Looking for a great recipe to try on a hot summer's day that doesn't require turning on the oven? You've found one here, my friend.

This recipe is fun and easy to make (i.e. you could enlist the help of little hands) and there's no oven required. Plus, have you ever paired peanut butter with white chocolate? One word - delish!

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White Chocolate Apricot Hazelnut Truffles Recipe

Hazelnuts have been all the rage since the dawn of Nutella. But, long before Nutella made its way into the dreams of children and adults alike, hazelnuts have been paired with chocolate to make all sorts of delectable goodies.

While studying abroad in Europe, one of my very favorite treats was Nutella spread onto a fresh croissant. Yum!

For this recipe, we experiment with hazelnuts and white chocolate, what a divine pairing. Add some summertime apricots to that, and voilà, you've got ultra-tasty truffles!

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White Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

White Chocolate is something I’ve been obsessed with lately. I was late to the white chocolate party, but I’ve finally hopped on the bandwagon.

I’ve been enjoying putting white chocolate in a variety of treats. I’ve made cupcakes with it and even pudding. Always a success! Um, I mean almost always! Where’s the fun in not failing a little, right?
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Are You Ready For White Chocolate Pringles?

This product serves as a simpler sequel to last holiday season’s White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles. White chocolate’s fan base is pretty small, as compared to the humongous number of people who swear by the darker varieties, considered as "real chocolate."

Kellogg's second attempt with Pringles is actually worth mentioning, considering how the prior white chocolate experiment didn’t pan out very well. "Imagine mouthwash gone bad, and then put on a potato chip," says the Huffington Post. Taste testers at Today.com claimed that such chips were “unanimously despised, with one staffer comparing it to a Pringle with ‘a thin layer of toothpaste on it.’"

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White Chocolate Fruit and Nut Squares

If you’re one of those parents juggling work and family, and you happen to be having a hard time catching up with your kids, doing activities together at your few and far between downtimes can work magic.

Whip up this recipe, it’s like a Rice Krispies square only much better. You can also use milk or dark chocolate.

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