Eat Chocolate Cake Without The Guilt

Studies have shown that people who eat sweet treats with an attitude of celebration are more likely to stay fit compared with those who are often plagued with guilt after eating.  Those who experience guilt are more likely to gain some unwanted pounds.

This study was published in the current online edition of the journal Appetite, and it shows that how we see treats, such as chocolate cake, is just as important as its caloric value when it comes down to expanding waistlines.

Feelings of guilt, for some reason, compel us to abandon our diet or fitness programs and drown ourselves in a regimen of unhealthy eating. On the flip side, if you consider chocolate as a reward and something to be celebrated, you are more likely to stick to your guns and adhere to your long-term weight loss goals.

Chocolate is known to be one of the hottest commodities in the world. People praise it for its taste, scent and texture, albeit they know that the finished products are packed with fat and sugar. Snacking on chocolate treats more than what is appropriate has been shown to be a major risk factor for obesity.

The latest research, by experts at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, displays that the effect on human behavior is vital, as well. This research, led by Dr Roeline Kuijer and Jessica Boyce, was an attempt to know whether guilt from devouring chocolate cake acted as an enticement to promote weight control, or undermined dieters’ willpower to succeed.

Me, I’m the type who cannot do without dessert. You all know that when I say "dessert", I really mean chocolate. Not a day goes by without chocolate getting cozy with my palate. But that’s me. It actually doesn’t mess with my weight, mind you. I’m dead serious about “moderation is key”.

Joanna Maligaya

Joanna Maligaya

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Joanna Maligaya

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