Medicating Cough With Chocolate?

It's cold and flu season.  And, if you've been watching the news in the U.S. you've been hearing about how widespread the current flu is taking its toll.

Nobody likes getting sick. At least none that I know of who are still in their right state of mind, most especially me. I am not myself when I am sick. It feels like some dementor sucked out all the life out of me and left me helpless with a feverish feeling, leaking nose,cure a cough with chocolate and noisy cough.

Oh how I hate catching a cough. To me, it just plain sucks. You get an itchy throat that is sore at the same time. You make lots of awful sounds that most likely takes place whenever you are in the middle of a quiet crowd. You become the center of attention alright.

Learning about cough remedies is always a good thing for me. But what makes it more interesting is when it involves chocolates in the formula. Now that is something I would really like!

Apparently, researchers suggest the use of chocolate to solve a pushy cough. It contains an element named Theobromine which is a natural part of cocoa. Millions of people suffer from cough that often lasts for a couple of weeks or so.

There are a variety of cough medications available in the market. However, these medicines are questioned because they are said to be only pacifying the symptoms but not actually curing the root of the cause.

Here comes Theobromine sashaying along with its good points. According to research conducted by London’s National Heart and Lung Institute, Theobromine is 33% more effective in stopping a cough as compared to codeine. It has a direct effect on the vagus nerve which is the one responsible for the continuous coughing.

Some research out of South Korea also favored Theobromine by saying that it does not cause side effects that is similar to the other medicinal cough treatments.

Although this is such great news, it is still in the process of getting approved. According to Professor Alyn Morice, an expert in cough treatment who is also the head of the Hull Cough Clinic, "Thousands of people across the UK suffer from persistent cough, and due to the drawbacks of current opioid drugs such as codeine, we are in desperate need of a non-opioid treatment with a drastically improved side effect profile for patients."

This kind of news is the one to beat. I mean, getting rid of a pain-in-the-butt cough by means of enjoying the sweetness of chocolates. Aaahhh. I will soon be kissing coughs goodbye.

Joanna Maligaya

Joanna Maligaya

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