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Mexico To Charge Extra Tax On Chocolate

If the ancient Aztecs were around, they would not have approved. In the land where it all started, Mexican lawmakers have declared chocolate to be "junk," subject to an extra tax.

This specific charge is included in an array of fiscal changes passed by Mexico's Congress that are looking to expand tax revenues.  It’s also an attempt to alter the country's unhealthy eating habits.

Included in the amendments added to the tax bill was a levy on "junk food". Products that contain higher than 275 calories per 100 grams belong in this group. Myriads of chocolate have about twice that amount. Originally proposed as a 5% levy, Congress approved an 8% charge on the foods. Other food items categorized as junk food include gelatin, sweets and some puddings.

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Discovery of a 350-year-old Iced Chocolate Recipe

A university lecturer has uncovered notes that suggested the way to make a 17th century counterpart of what many of us are crazy about in this day and age, the chilled coffee drink. Only, in this case, it's chocolate. It even came with health warnings about drinking too much of the brown confection.

Dr. Kate Loveman, an English lecturer at the University of Leicester, claimed that the recipe instructed the maker to mix chocolate, some "snow" and a little salt and "shake the snow together (for) sometime" in what is supposed to be the first sample of its kind.

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Chocolate From Back Then

For the love of chocolate, myriads of studies and research were done just to trace back its history. While it’s nice to just enjoy your chocolate, it wouldn’t hurt to know how it made people from back then just as happy as we are now because of it.

Credits must be given to Fathers, specifically Dominicans, for having the Spanish appreciate chocolate. In 1544, they lured the court by preparing chocolate which was presented by a Kekchi Maya delegation of New World natives.

Because of faith, chocolate spread, making new regions of the world appreciate it. Europeans started to love it, so they used chocolate in Christian celebrations. They used chocolate to sustain different aspects of their lives, including physical, economic, as well as spiritual.

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The “Hot” in Hot Chocolate?

Hot ChocolateHave you had your dose of hot chocolate today? I had mine and it was all sorts of yumminess.

I am not your typical morning person who opens her eyes the moment the sun shows up. In fact, I am the type who curls myself up in bed and extends a few more minutes.  But once I hear my tummy rumbling, begging for food, I summon all my might to pull myself up to grab my energizer buddy, the hot chocolate.
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The Origins Of Ice Cream

Ice cream is often called "The Greatest American Dessert." Although the product is usually American, the United States cannot claim its origin and source.

Ice cream is a frozen dairy dessert made from cream or milk, often combined and manufactured with other flavors and fruits. Most of the time it contains sugar, though sometimes other sweeteners are used.

The chosen ingredients are stirred slowly while the product is being cooled.  This allows the air to be integrated and prevents the forming of ice crystals. The result is then a smooth, semi-solid foam that is highly malleable and can easily be scooped.  I'm drooling just thinking about it.
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Origins of the Ice Cream Sundae

The ice cream sundae is typically comprised of a scoop of any ice cream and topped with a sauce or syrup.  In some cases other toppings are also included.

ice cream sundaeAccording the dictionary of Oxford English, the origin of the term is really obscure.  It is generally accepted was derived from the word Sunday and from the German name of Sonntag, which means Sunday.

Many stories of origins are considered to be its original source, and 3 of them are considered to be the most reliable stories.  Here they are...
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Lollipops: Humble Beginnings

Lollipops are a sweet treat, loved by adults and children alike all over the world. They are available in a variety of colors and flavors, often fruit flavors, but there are also chocolate-flavored ones.

With many companies competing to create and distribute lollipops, the candy has become available in many different shapes too. They range from small ones that can be purchased in bulk and given away as mini gifts, to large ones that are made with candy canes twisted into a circle.
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More Chocolate In Maya History

Anything you serve me, as long as it has a touch of chocolate in it, will one hundred percent put a glow on my face. It has that strong effect on me being I am a sucker for it and all...

Chocolate Cake with SauceA piece of moist chocolate cake, a bar of milk chocolate, a hot cup of chocolate drink, name it and by all means I will shove it in my mouth. To have the chocolate per se is one thing, but to mix it in with some history interests me even more.
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Chocolates Are The Bomb

Upon seeing the title, I bet you immediately assumed that I was just describing how head over heels devoted I am to chocolates and that I went all metaphorical.  You would think that I formulated this catchy title in order to lure you into reading.

Well, now that you started the second paragraph I can say that the reading goal is met. But really now, chocolates are totally the bomb. Ask the Nazis and they will tell you why.

I cannot believe I'm saying this about the people who painted our world's history with tragedy, but the Nazis were pretty creative. I would like to think that the term "death by chocolate" was coined from their efforts.  If you don't like gruesome tales, then maybe now is the time to stop reading and click on the ad at the top of the page.
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Chocolates, Drugs Of The Past

Do not let the "drug" word fool you because there is actually more to that than meets the eye. In our current society, we often use drug to refer to illegal chemicals that will cause you a lot of jail time. However, the kind of drug we are about to discuss entails not only benefits to the body but also sweetness to the taste buds from then until now.

Dating back to the days when Mayans, Aztecs, and Early Europeans roamed the earth, chocolates were already within their midst. As opposed to the many variety of chocolates we have nowadays, the most popular for these earlier civilizations was chocolate in the form of a drink.

For the Aztecs, the cacao beans were brewed and drank in the belief that it was an elixir of life. It strengthened their warriors, cured the sick and awakened those who were weak and asleep.
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