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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport

This blog post marks the beginning of my series on single-origin chocolates from Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport variety pack.

Each week I will review one of these country of origin chocolates: Peru 60%, Ecuador 66%, Ghana 70%, Venezuela 70%, Dominican Republic 70%, Papua New Guinea 70%, Sao Tome 70%, and Tanzania 73%.

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Lakefront Brewery Double Chocolate Stout

Everything I’ve read about the craft beer boom in Milwaukee intrigues me. I’ve lived in the area since graduating from college. At that time, all I knew (and everyone else in the United States) was Milwaukee meant Miller. Boy have things changed! Craft breweries have been popping up fast over the past couple of years.

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S'more Hot Chocolate Recipe CUO

Toasted S’mores Hot Chocolate Recipe

There are so many ways to enjoy hot chocolate. I bet you could do a 30-day challenge based on trying a different recipe every day!

Chocolate Recipe CUO

Of course, "the classic" is always comforting and tasty. It's my go-to for a late night snack in the colder months.

A steaming mug of hot cocoa perfectly satisfies my sweets craving enough so that I don't devour the whole cookie jar at 10pm. 

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Fairtrade Certified Chocolate Trend CUO

Fair Trade Certified Chocolate – Rising Trend

Have you picked up a chocolate product lately and noticed a small stamp on the package?

It looks like a little person, and says "Fair Trade Certified."

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A World Without Chocolate?

Based on a research in the journal Climatic Change, global food production could drop 0.5% within the incoming 7 years. And by mid-century, an astounding 2.3%.

And global welfare losses could go beyond $200 billion in 2050. All these brought about by one thing: Climate Change.

An Oilprice.com report says the "study ranks the UK, France, Germany, the US and Russia as medium-risk countries in terms of climate-change effects, while Bangladesh, India and the majority of African countries are listed as the most vulnerable economies."

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Basking In The Awesome Chocolate

Below are the reasons why you should always save some space for chocolate on your plate.

  1. Chocolate is good for your heart.
    Daily consumption of chocolate may cut down one’s risk of suffering from a heart attack and even stroke.
  1. Chocolate can help you shed some unwanted pounds.
    People have this notion that chocolate makes you fat. It’s not always the case. Research has shown that a person who gets his chocolate fix on a regular basis is more likely to be slim than one who doesn’t. Turns out, a person who eats chocolate five times per week or more has a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than those who eat chocolate less frequently.
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A Cup Of Hot Chocolate A Day Can Prevent Diabetes?

Mice that were fed a high fat diet that is known to be a causative factor for type 2 diabetes (the obesity-related type) suffered less inflammation after having been given cocoa powder. Scientists assumed that such finding could be applicable to humans.

Dark chocolate is packed with flavanols, plant chemicals that enhance blood flow by widening vessels. It has always been associated with tons of health benefits. In this particular study, the mice were fed the human equivalent of 10 tablespoons of cocoa powder, about four or five cups of hot cocoa, in a 10-week span.

Professor Joshua Lambert said: "What surprised me was the magnitude of the effect. There was not as big of an effect on the body weight as we expected, but I was surprised at the dramatic reduction of inflammation and fatty liver disease."

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Mood-enhancing Dark Chocolate

A recently published study in Australia claimed that dark chocolate enhances one’s mood by means of boosting calmness and feelings of contentment. How is this possible? It’s all in the polyphenols that cocoa is known to be rich in.

Polyphenols are naturally found in plants and are a basic element of the human diet. Such compounds are proven to lessen oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is linked to a lot of diseases. Also, polyphenols are said to have outstanding psychological effects.

“Anecdotally, chocolate is often linked to mood enhancement,” Matthew Pase, a PhD candidate at the University of Swineburne in Melbourne and lead author of the study, claims. “This clinical trial is perhaps the first to scientifically demonstrate the positive effects of cocoa polyphenols on mood.”

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Cheese Fudge

Some people crave chocolate treats every once in a while, while others won’t last a day without their chocolate fix. Chocolate today is getting more and more interesting by the minute. Chocolate lovers seem to be constantly on the hunt for a new twist to their favorite treat that would tickle their fancy.

A lot of chocolate pairings have been surfacing recently. Different types of chocolate have different ingredients combined with them, like nuts, mint, caramel, nougat, and fruits, among others. If you truly are the chocoholic that you claim you are, you know that there are still a lot of chocolate pairings out there you have yet to try.
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Medicating Cough With Chocolate?

It's cold and flu season.  And, if you've been watching the news in the U.S. you've been hearing about how widespread the current flu is taking its toll.

Nobody likes getting sick. At least none that I know of who are still in their right state of mind, most especially me. I am not myself when I am sick. It feels like some dementor sucked out all the life out of me and left me helpless with a feverish feeling, leaking nose,cure a cough with chocolate and noisy cough.
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