Chocolate Heaven Since 1911

The title is one of the advertising slogans of Thorntons, a household name in UK for chocolate retailing. The company was established in 1911 by Joseph William Thornton who eventually turned the business over to his sons, Norman and Stanley Thornton. Since then, it has always been Britain’s go-to store when it comes to high-quality chocolates.Thorntons 100 Yummy Years This year, it celebrates its Centenary birthday. And what better way to celebrate their 100th birthday than sharing it with their customers?

The first ever Thortons chocolate shop was opened in Sheffield in the year 1911 and it was called the Chocolate Kabin where you are magically transported into a chocolate heaven as you step inside the store. Today, as a Centenary birthday treat, Thorntons wants to give their customers a chance to experience such delight. They excitedly bring you the recreated Thorntons Chocolate Kabin where a Golden Key to the chocolate factory is hidden. And the lucky winner gets to be Willy Wonka for a day! Isn’t that such a sweet treat?

Go and grab the chance to experience the chocolate lucky dip, or see chocolates come plummeting down a truck directly to a super duper chocolate scooper, where you can also have yourself a chocolaty treat.

As you leave the delightful and almost enchanted Kabin, you can give donations to the Live Mechanical Chocolatier in exchange for chocolates. Such donations will be going to the NSPCC, Thorntons charity of the year.

One lucky customer who finds the Golden Key from each place the Chocolate Kabin visits will get a chance to see behind-the-scenes at Thorntons and visit their chocolate factory to take a look at how they have been manufacturing their chocolates for the past 100 years. You don’t get to experience this everyday, so for our readers in the U.K., try your luck and let us know how it goes!

The Thorntons Chocolate Kabin will be visiting:

  1. Covent Garden, London on Friday 2nd September
  2. Liverpool One Shopping Centre on Saturday 10th September
  3. Nottingham off Market Square on Saturday 17th September
  4. Edinburgh Castle Street on Saturday 24th September
  5. Sheffield Fargate on Saturday 1st October

For more info visit Thorntons Centenary website.

You can also find your local Thornton's store or buy chocolates online when you click here.

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Joanna Maligaya

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One thought on “Chocolate Heaven Since 1911

  1. avatar Mostly About Chocolate Blog

    I love Thorntons and am really kind of sad they are going through such trouble right now. I can’t wait for the holiday selection to come out though and love the “kabin”!

    I hope this holiday season will see them stronger than ever and making the great, award-winning chocolate they have been doing of late.


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