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Record-breaking Chocolate Sculpture

Another Guinness World Record has been broken! Qzina Specialty Foods, which is based in Irvine, California, celebrated its 30th Anniversary by building the largest chocolate structure to date.

They created a replica of the ancient Mayan temple of Kukulkan (in Chichen Itza) that weighs 18,239 pounds.  That makes it 7,500 pounds heavier than the previous record set in 2010 in Italy.
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Chocolate, A Rising Star In Japan

Japan’s confectionery world may be centuries late in regards to using cocoa, but they sure are keeping up and doing very well at it. “Japanese chocolate” may still come off as strange, but cocoa is definitely a rising star in Japan. The once foreign flavor is now starting to become a staple.

Japanese chocolatiers and pastry chefs were the star guests at the 17th Salon du Chocolat which was held in Paris. One of them, Susumu Koyama, even won as the "Best Foreign Chocolatier". Japan was able to outshine other renowned chocolate-making nations such as Belgium and Switzerland. Susumu was born to a family of pastry chefs and claims to be relying on “instinct” and “nature” in practicing his passion.

Since chocolate made from the cocoa bean has reached the Land of the Rising Sun 250 years later than the West, almost all of Japan’s famous and well-loved pastries have zero chocolate content. But today, the number of Japanese chocolatiers is on the rise, and Susumu says he is doing his part to heighten the interest of his fellowmen in chocolate even more.
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Chocolate as Favorite Food

Is chocolate your favorite food?  Recently a study was completed that asked an open-ended question of people from 17 different countries to name their favorite food.  Chocolate made the published list of top 15 favorites in only 5 of those countries.

Today we can celebrate with the Australians.  Australia was the only country on the list that named chocolate as its number 1 favorite food!  A total of 8.9% of the surveyed population gave that answer.  I'm going to have to visit Australia and hang out with the abundance of chocolate lovers.
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Chocolate and Countries

Here’s are some facts and tidbits of the early history of the use of cacao tree, the main source of chocolate!

Chocolate was first developed in the area now called Mexico. In 1519 it was served during breakfast by emperor Moctezuma to his guest, Hernan Cortes Pizarro. 

The Spanish conquistador was so impressed with the delicious taste of the “chocolatl” made from cocoa beans that he brought the recipe back home to Spain.  He also brought cacao trees with him and he named it the precious tree.
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New Flavors of Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy is a popular cookie product that many of us grew up with. These cookies were a blessing for those of us who desire to eat chocolate chip cookies but lack the time to make them ourselves.

In 1963, Nabisco started manufacturing this wonderful product. With a genius slogan of “Betcha bite a chip,” this cookie product gained popularity all through out America, and the road to fame later spread all throughout the world.  Through the years, Nabisco kept on producing Chips Ahoy varieties like reduced fat, snack packs, peanut butter flavored, chunkier chips, and more.
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Chocolate Price Drop?

Good news.  With the former president of Ivory Coast negotiating an exit strategy with UN authorities, it appears that chocolate prices may be headed down. 

Cacao shipments from Ivory Coast had dropped to near zero after the election conflict in late 2010.  That's a problem since the country supplies about a third of the world's supply.  Because of the reduced supply, prices have been on pretty much a constant increase.

Now that a surrender is being negotiated, cocoa futures prices dropped immediately to the lowest point in the last three months.  This is based on the speculation that the 350,000 tons of cacao held in Ivory Coast port warehouses would be released while the European Union removes its trade embargo. 
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THE Chocolate Room

Check out this fascinating chocolate sanctuary.  Yes, it's an actual room with walls, furniture, and home décor all made out of chocolate. 

Heaven?  No. Vilnius, Lithuania.

The chocolate room was created by artist Mindaugas Tendzia Golskis in order to provide “a festive dinner” for a couple in love, using all their senses.
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World’s Greatest Chocolate Museums

Some museums may have an exhibit or a small display about chocolate but there are a few museums around the globe that are dedicated exclusively to chocolate.  I wish my state had a chocolate museum, but alas, we have the Mustard Museum!
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Valentines Day Chocolate Car?

Bryn was feeling a little pinched for time so I decided to jump in and post something interesting for today.

Friday is typically a "chocolate in the news" day so I spent a little time scouring the internet for chocolate stories that would be worth repeating.

In the past, Bryn has made several posts about large chocolate sculptures.  Well, today's feature only looks like chocolate, you can't really eat it.  I'm sure you wouldn't want to.  But it is still chocolate art!
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White Chocolate Sculpture

I’m absolutely fascinated by sculptures crafted in chocolate.  Perhaps it is because I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.  I do, however, have a deep admiration for those that do.

I have had several blog posts in the past showing off many chocolatiers’ incredible artistic skills.

Most, if not all, of those were carved from milk or semi-sweet chocolate.

Recently, one of Italy's well known chocolatiers, Mirco Della Vecchia, formed his creation from white chocolate.

His project was to sculpt and display famous tourist destinations from around the world.
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