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avatarCocoa Powder for Dipping

By Bryn Kirk on March 25, 2011 | Comments (1)

I received an interesting question the other day from someone on my mailing list. 

(If you’re reading this, but not on my list, go ahead and get my free ebook, then I will also send you more chocolate information and you’ll have a chance to ask me a question too.)

Anyway, here is the question posed:

“Can you use cocoa powder to make a chocolate for dipping strawberries (that hardens nicely)?  If so do you know a recipe for it?”

Well, here is my answer… 

I know there are many recipes out there that use cocoa powder to make dipping sauces, syrups, frostings, icings and glazes.  Any of these could be used with your strawberries.  I’m sure they will taste great, but they will remain liquid or unhardened.

I suspect that there aren’t many recipes that make a good chocolate coating from a cocoa powder, especially one that
“hardens nicely.”

The problem is that when you start with cocoa powder you are starting with a product that has practically no fat.  Adding things you might normally have in your pantry, like butter or cooking oil, will not work.

Therefore, to get a successful mix that hardens, you have to add either cocoa butter or a partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil.  In this case you’d effectively be conjuring up your own confectionery coating.  So it’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you’re going this route you might as well buy a confectionery coating that has already been designed to harden nicely for dipping strawberries.   Just melt, dip, and cool.

Of course, Mother Nature has already created the perfect thing for you to use to dip strawberries.  It’s called real chocolate!  It tastes better, and when properly handled, works better than any cocoa powder based recipe ever could.  I’d stick with that. :)

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    Thank you Bryn for your excellent advice! I was a bit skeptical of using cocoa powder because my insticts told me it probably wouldn’t harden nicely. I just wanted the adventure of making something from scratch.

    Comment by Deborah — October 20, 2011 @ 11:33 am

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